Quick mythbusting: Bada growth in three pictures

tweet_bada_grew_faster_than_iphone [1]

Okay… That sounds kind of credible.
Except it doesn’t.
But for “fastest growing new OS ever” for first two years, let’s use Tomi’s reported numbers (in his blog [2], from Q1 2010 onwards, includes full Bada history), get older data from public reports for iPhone and “the third hardly mentionable smartphone OS” and then we should have something like this:

This looks good for Bada.

This looks bad for Bada. (This is 2 years Tomi talks about; Android is at this point 1 quarter away from being tied with Symbian, the largest OS at the time.)

Quick poll: Which one of these three is the fastest-growing new OS ever? Bada?

…this we will not talk about.


[1] http://twitter.com/tomiahonen/status/486265392520654848

[2] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/


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