Apparently that was it

I previously wrote that this blog doesn’t seem to have any reason to exist since Tomi seems to have abandoned his blog (as we speak, even commenting to his blog has been blocked for over a year and new posts have not been added for even longer time).

In the comments of that post it was recently noted that Tomi’s own web site seems to be down. It is the site where he sells his “best selling e-books” (the only place on this planet where those can be bought, if I may add).

Time for some spywork!

The Internet Archive tells us a bit of the history, which we can add my own findings:

  • On May 9, 2019 Tomi’s site was still operational. (The Internet Archive)
  • On July 14, 2019 all traffic was redirected to (The Internet Archive)
  • On September 19, 2019 all traffic was still being redirected to (Tried this when the comment came to my blog.)
  • On October 9, 2019 all traffic was redirected to some site with random ads. (According to comments section of the post mentioned above.)
  • On October 25th the domain no longer existed. (Tried it myself, as well as the email mentioned below.)

I tried to email Tomi and ask about this but bounces back because the domain does not exist.
I am not aware that Tomi would have ever used any other email address for his one-man consultancy company so…
Tomi can’t sell his e-books.
Tomi can’t get speaker/consultancy gigs.

I guess he has retired?

(For those who are worried if he’s ill or dead, his latest tweet is mere 17 hours old.)

UPDATE November 5, 2019:

A comment below mentioned that Tomi’s twitter account links only to his blog so it’s not just about website (acknowledging the blog website has been inactive for over a year now). Let’s see how far the CDB blog website alone takes Tomi, shall we?

Starting from the top left, going down and then agin down from top right we have these ways to support Tomi, read more about Tomi or contact Tomi:

  • “Communities Dominate Brands – Business and Marketing Challenges for the 21st Century, book by Tomi T. Ahonen + Alan Moore”
    Order the book here:
    (Link returns a “404 not found”)
    Contact Tomi T Ahonen for Speaking and Consulting Events
    Please write email to tomi (at) tomiahonen (dot) com
    (that’s the dead email address mentioned earlier)
    Tomi on Video including his TED Talk
    See Tomi on video from several recent keynote presentations and interviews, including his TED Talk in Hong Kong about Augmented Reality as the 8th Mass Media
    (The video link directs to – the dead site)

    To see his full bio and his books, visit

    He is available for consulting, speaking engagements and as expert witness, please write to tomi (at) tomiahonen (dot) com
    (Again both the dead website and dead email.)

That’s the end of anything useful. Rest is Tomi’s blog posts. I’d say the blog site alone is as good as useless, especially since you cannot even contact Tomi through it as he has disabled the commenting to posts.


Few comments mention the possibly (or for certain) failed forecasts of Tomi. Rest assured, those are covered in my drawer drafts but as said in my comment, no need to beat the dead horse. So unless Tomi gets active and starts promoting his superb forecast accuracy, those will just stay in the drawer they are.