Was that it?

At the time of writing this post Tomi Ahonen:

  • Hasn’t written about mobile since May 23, 2018 [1]
  • Hasn’t commented to mobile-related posts since May 23, 2018 [2] (if that comment counts)
  • Hasn’t commented anything to his blog since July 26, 2018 [3]
  • Hasn’t made blog posts about anything since July 29, 2018 [4]
  • Closed commenting to his blog on September 27, 2018 [5]
  • Is consistently active in Twitter, tweeting about Trump. But he hasn’t tweeted anything about mobile since – IDK – June?

Over Six months of Trump-bashing with no comment on mobile scene. Wow.

  • Huawei passed Apple in unit sales and Tomi is not here to tell how doomed Apple is when they lost the second position.
  • Apple stopped reporting unit sales and Tomi is not here to tell how doomed Apple is when they are too embarrassed to reveal their unit sales.
  • Nokia makes it to ninth largest vendor by unit sales and Tomi is not here to tell how Nokia will reach top 3 in a few years.

I will most likely do the Q4 2018 smartphone numbers but outside that I think this blog as of current has no reason to exist anymore. Elvis has left the building.


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