Here goes my first post to point out what kind of FUD Tomi Ahonen is feeding to the mass. I openly welcome Tomi Ahonen to challenge this, if he wishes to do so. There is commenting area free to use.

I’m starting on a bit old news. Everybody try to stand it. And I do know this is for Finland only, I’m not trying to make this global. However, it seems Mr. Ahonen repeatedly visits this subject and always refers to Finland when he does. His claim is (and I quote):

“The MTV3 journalists pretended to be normal consumers and visited ten stores and every time asked to see Nokia Lumia smartphones. In six out of ten stores, the sales people showed only rival phones (Androids mostly by Samsung) when the ‘consumer’ asked for Nokia Lumia !!![1]

He is so certain about it that he even comes back to the topic over and over again. From his blog:

in Nokia’s home country, Finland, the retail channel so hates Nokia Lumia, they will not show the device even when asked by name” [7]

WOW! Sounds bad indeed. And as a frosting on a cake, we get a link to the original news article. [2]
But hey, let’s NOT believe Tomi Ahonen and actually READ the article (doing my own translation as news article was in Finnish. Feel free to read it yourself if you are a Native speaker):

“We pretended to be ordinary customers who are interested in smartphones. In six out of ten stores, the sales people recommended Android-phones, especially Samsung ones. Only in two Sonera shops customer was immediately recommended Lumia 800 model.”

When asked, sales people said in majority of the cases that Windows Phone is as easy or even more simple to use as Google’s Android OS.”

So… Unlike Tomi Ahonen claims, those reporters did NOT go and ask Lumia, they asked just for smartphone. And “in majority of the cases” sales people said Windows Phone is as easy or even more simple to use than Android. Does not sound like a retail boycott to me. The article itself states that the main reason to recommend Android was that there are more apps in Android Marketplace. Fair enough. I’d say the sales people are doing their job to serve the customer.

I would also like to point out the fact that Sonera (operator having strong marketing on Lumia models) actually recommended Lumia 800 as a first option. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work? The operator shops that are working in co-operation with Nokia are promoting Lumia and those who are not in any joint effort are… Not promoting it over the others.

Just to cover my original title, I’m adding a bit more. First of all, here’s the most sold smartphones by finnish operators (monthly statistics). Let’s remember that Lumia 800 sales started in Finland at beginning of February. Lumia 710 started sales in Finland at end of February. 900 and 610 came to lists at 18th of May.

In February Lumia 800 was most sold phone in all three major carriers in Finland. Lumia 710 started selling at the end of month and STILL took third Place in Sonera lists (the carrier promoting Lumia, remember?) [3]

In March Lumia 800 was most sold phone in Elisa and Sonera lists, second place in DNA lists. (Detailed lists linked at end of linked article). [4]

In April Lumia 800 lost its first position to iPhone in Sonera list, had first position still in Elisa list. And situation unchanged in DNA list. Lumia 710 had third place in Elisa list, after iPhone. [5]

In May Nokia Lumia 800 was sixth, second and second in those three lists. Not bad, considering positions 2 to 5 were all-Lumia in Sonera statistics. Lumia 900 was sold only for a week and STILL made it to third most sold model in Sonera lists. [6]

UPDATE November 1st 2012:

We just got the “most sold phones in October” lists in Finland. Please note:
1. These are all phones, not just smartphones.
2. This is in October, meaning everybody knew there will be Windows Phone 8 Lumias (820 and 920) available in November-December time schedule.
3. Nokia is selling old (Windows Phone 7.5) Lumias in very low margins, thus prices are down.
So… Most sold phones in October 2012 in Finland?

1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. iPhone 5
3. Samsung Galaxy S II
4. Samsung Galaxy S III
5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover

Elisa (consumers):
1. Nokia Lumia 800
2. Samsung Galaxy S II
3. Apple iPhone 4S
4. Apple iPhone 5
5. Samsung Galaxy S III

Elisa (business):
1. Apple iPhone 5
2. Nokia Lumia 800
3. Nokia C2-01
4. Nokia Lumia 900
5. Apple iPhone 4S

1.(3.)       Nokia Lumia 800
2.(4.)       Apple iPhone 5
3.(1.)       Apple iPhone 4S
4.(10.)     Nokia Lumia 900
5.(5.)       Samsung Galaxy Xcover

See the Nokia/Lumia/Windows phone boycott anywhere?
If this is sign of “the retail channel has put Nokia into a boycott” as stated by Mr. Ahonen, then I would love to see the place where retail channel is promoting Nokia. Total FUD. I rest my case.


[1] Disappointed Buyer = Returned Lumia = Salespeople Avoid = Growing Nokia Retail Problem

[2] MTV3 selvitti – Elopin pelko Lumia-puhelimista osoittautui todeksi—elopin-pelko-lumia-puhelimista-osoittautui-todeksi

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