EDIT: Dean has made a really good comment about Skype and operators here. Regardless of your feeling about the subject, I recommend to read it.

This time I start with a small mental image excercise:

Let’s assume you are chocolate reseller. You have multiple brands of chocolate in your shelf and then there are some Nestlé branded chocolates too. Let’s additionally assume that all other brands buy the cocoa to their chocolate from Ivory Coast , through a certain vendor that is owned by Nestlé.
If you now hear that the vendor here is selling cocoa that contains heavy metal residues, which do you do:

  1. Sell only other brands than Nestlé, knowing that the cocoa in those other brands is just as bad and the chocolate manufacturers of those brands have nothing they could do about it as Nestlé owns the cocoa-providing company
  2. Start asking Nestlé to fix the issue with their supplier, especially since you know that chocolate sales are a fraction of Nestlé’s profits and your resales boycott would be inefficient at the best?

Yes, I’m one again going for Tomi Ahonen’s “reluctance of the global handset reseller channel to sell Nokia branded smartphones” claim. [1] I intend to dig into the full claim as soon as I get these loose ends wrapped up. What I’m after here is that reason would be Skype acquisition by Microsoft (as Mr. Ahonen so often claims). In Mr. Ahonen’s words: “So yes, right after Microsoft bought Skype, the Windows based smartphones were put on a sales boycott globally, as reported in various newsmedia and Ballmer himself has admitted Windows Phone sales have been below expectation (and he demoted some Windows Phone senior management)” [2]
I’d love to get my hands to those “various newsmedia”, but unfortunately all reference from Mr. Ahonen is vague at best. It seems he refers to some US newspapers, so no web links available (how fitting for us who want to check the facts).
Edit: I had comment from Staska and he has been successful in digging up the “various newsmedia” Mr. Ahonen refers to. [3] Those can hardly be treated as evidence, unless subjective badmouthing is recently being counted as such. Not helping the case of Mr. Ahonen.

Facts as facts, but I’m also calling for common sense here. Take my example. You can put Nestlé to a boycott and it will solve nothing. The chocolate you sell is still poisonous, Nestlé is not being told to do something about it and remaining suppliers cannot do anything to the quality of the cocoa.
The resales boycott for Nokia Lumia phones falls into exactly this category. Putting Nokia into boycott will eventually kill Nokia. It will probably kill Windows Phone OS. However, the Boycott does not hurt so much the “big mean Microsoft” since it makes practically ALL of its profit from PC market and whole smartphone business is expendable if the PC market can be further taken by the Skype integration. And from operator perspective, Skype app would still be there in Android devices and iPhones, so the original problem would not be gone, they just would have thrown out from the game the only player who could have done something about it.

On the other hand, going to Microsoft and saying “Skype is hurting our revenues and profit, fix the issue so we can continue business” would be much more effective.

Really think about it – shouldn’t there be some huge sign in Redmond lawn saying “Dump the Skype or we won’t buy your stinkin’ Windows Phone” if there really was a sales boycott? Non-public operator boycott is exactly that – not public. It means parties to be affected are not told what they should do and therefore no actions will be taken. Ever. Operator boycott as described by Tomi Ahonen is so illogical action that I cannot see “Windows based smartphones put on a sales boycott globally” due to Skype acquisition. That would mean all the operators defy the common sense at the same time.

Yep, this was a short one. I just wanted to successfully separate this sideline from the original “Refusal to sell Windows Phone” topic so I can go for the actual issue and only refer to this if needed. Stay tuned.

[1] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2012/04/certain-road-to-death-and-definition-of-insanity.html
[2] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2012/06/what-do-we-now-know-after-nokias-latest-profit-warning-layoffs-the-titanic-deck-chairs-moment.html
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