01-Aug-2012: I have updated new items to this post.

I did not plan something like this when I started this blog, but the amount of fouled-up data Tomi Ahonen has produced has surprised even me. I repeat my demand from my previous blog post:

This constant feeding of misinformation sickens me and therefore I now publicly call Tomi Ahonen a liar and demand him to make official admit of his lies and take the responsibility of his actions.

More specifically I demand him to admit that:

  1. He is constantly blaming Nokia’s new strategy to be reason for 2011 Q1 bad results, something that he knows himself is impossible. (See this link for full coverage)
  2. He has blamed Nokia’s new strategy to be the cause behind issues he already reported weeks before new strategy was announced. (See this link for full coverage)
  3. He has been intentionally spreading misinterpreted data about Nokia’s state and forecasts from 2010 (full coverage behind this link). This is fouled-up data he knows himself to be invalid. (See full coverage behind this link)
  4. He has invented a conspiracy theory of a resales/carrier boycott and twisted facts to support that theory. (See this link for full coverage)
  5. He has intentionally misinterpreted statements, been spreading clear plain lies and knowingly used non-verified rumours to add “proof” to these false claims.
    (Full coverages behind link in each statement.)
  6. He has been forgering numbers to blame Nokia’s current management of things they have nothing to do with. (See this link for full coverage)
  7. He has been creating stories that clearly are not true. (See this link for full coverage)

Nokia is a company battling for its survival. It has the worst 8-quarter performance in the history behind it. Thousands of people have lost their jobs, thousands more will. Spreading false data and deliberately hurting the Nokia brand even more is an action that we should never expect to see from a “six-time bestselling author of hardcover telecoms/tech books who has also released a series of three eBooks in 2009. An independent consultant and motivational speaker in the converging areas of mobile telecoms, internet, media, advertising, credit and banking, social networking and virtual reality“. [1] People of that caliber DO NOT accidentally post invalid figures, they do NOT unintentionally make graphs that hide the truth and serve only their purposes. they DO NOT “by mistake” make long blogs based on data that is disputed or unreliable (or likely – both). And more than anything, those people DO NOT make elementary mistakes like claiming reporters were asking for a Lumia device when the news article they use as reference themselves clearly says the reporters did not. (See the posts linked above and you can witness yourself Tomi Ahonen does ALL that.)

People of Tomi Ahonen’s level do not do that – unless it is deliberate and intentional. He must admit his doings publicly and take responsiblity of such acts.


[1] Biography of Tomi Ahonen