I’m openly inviting ANYONE to join in and comment to this post with a claim from Tomi Ahonen you feel is:

  • A lie
  • Twisting the truth
  • Unreferenced rumor
  • Proper analysis
  • A fact
  • …or in any other manner in need of some additional analysis and BS filtering.

Please provide some kind of reference on where Tomi Ahonen did that so there is a factual start for this.
Not that I would be running out of ideas, far from it. But this kind of list makes sense. Now I’m starting this by listing the ones already covered (please also comment if you feel I left some sideline untouched):

  1. Nokia was a highly profitable company increasing sales at end of 2010.
    Nokia indeed was making profit and increasing sales. Unfortunately, Mr. Ahonen himself has reviewed Nokia to be in a world record collapse of market share then and predicted Nokia to fall down even more during 2011.
  2. Nokia’s current collapse was started by Elop Effect in February 2011.
    Exaggeration, fouled-up data.
    Once again, this relates to the fact Tomi Ahonen himself listed (in January 2011) majority of the problems he now blames Stephen Elop has done.
  3. Nokia’s collapse has been accelerated by operator/resales boycott, further deepened due to Skype acquisition of Microsoft.
    Fouled-up data, a lie.
    There is no indication of such. Tomi Ahonen spreads actual lies about this and it does not even make sense.
    In addition to that, he uses some of the data he reported in January 2011 as “proof of operator boycott”. Operator boycott which should not have even existed then.
  4. Stephen Elop himself admitted the sales boycott caused by Microsoft and Skype in Nokia stockholder meeting.
    A lie. Total and intentional misinterpretation of Elop’s statement, accompanied by loaded question.
  5. The return rates of Lumia are the highest ever recorded by any Nokia smartphones.
    Unverified. There are no credible sources that would indicate such. Cannot be proven to be false either. At this point assumed to be FUD.
  6. Stephen Elop sold Nokia mobile ad unit.
    Plain false.
    Nokia did sell TV and Radio ad unit, though.
  7. Lumia sales numbers
    Unaddressed, difficult to negate. Tomi Ahonen has done his own math on Lumia’s, resulting
    600 000 in 2011 Q4
    2 000 000 in 2012 Q1
    Forecasts 4 000 000 for 2012 Q2
    Whereas Nokia has reported sales of “well over 1 million Lumia devices to date” in January 26th 2011 and “more than 2 million Lumia devices in the first quarter 2012“. (2nd quarter figures are not out as we are in middle of June).
    Last figure may be easily broken if Nokia reveals Lumia sales amounts for Q2. They have no obligation to do so, though.
    Second is a downgrade of “more than 2 million”, so it’s light-weighted number-bending at best (Unless Nokia for some reason was talking about 2.5 million or more in such a manner).
    First one could be proven as false if any credible data was available.
    Will be looked upon before doing definite decision on it.

Thanks to CN for making this proposal. Waiting for replies so list can be continued.