This probably could be my shortest post:

Tomi Ahonen says: “And what does Elop do at Nokia? He just sold Nokia’s mobile advertising unit on Friday to a company previously known as Matchbin and now renamed Radiate Media.” [1]

I say: Not true.

End of post.

Okay, just kidding. This needs reference from Tomi Ahonen, he links us to Reuters [2]. Reuters news report is already titled “Nokia sells media advertising business“. See mobile somewhere? Actually, the news is very blunt, pretty much one sentence: “Finnish group Nokia (NOK1V.HE) has sold its media advertising business to a U.S. startup Matchbin as it focuses on core businesses“. [2]

Now if Tomi Ahonen would be doing something called “checking references”, he’d probably notice that there is no “mobile” here. Perhaps he would look for some other sources?
So we actually have to go to Matchbin page: “Matchbin, a leading provider of content management, advertising and local marketplace solutions for media companies, has acquired NAVTEQ’s Radio and Television Advertising Group, which as part of NAVTEQ Media Solutions provides content and advertising solutions for broadcast radio and television, forming Radiate Media, a next-generation media technology services company.” [3]

So Nokia sold its Radio and Television advertising unit, inherited from NAVTEQ deal few years back. I don’t think that counts as “selling Nokia Mobile Ad unit”. Nevertheless, Tomi Ahonen managed to write 3 800 word blog post about the importance of mobile advertising and stupidity of Stephen Elop while Mr. Elop sits with Mobile Ad unit in his pocket. Only because Tomi Ahonen is willing to believe anything negative about Elop and Microsoft. Oh, only Elop this time.
(This was pointed out to Mr. Ahonen in one of the comments made to his blog. He deleted it.)

Oh, it gets better! Tomi still refers to this 6th of July, 2012:
Elop has sold Nokia’s mobile advertising arm, one of the ten biggest on the planet!” [4]

I seriously LOL’d on this one. Thanks go to nickname “L” and certain Twitter person who sent private message to me.






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