I assume poeple reading my blog may want to follow me in Twitter too. (It’s @ExNokian as said in title.)

In contrast, I assume that Tomi Ahonen is not reading my blog (or he would be fixing some false statements of his). How does this match to Twitter? Well, this has been situation since yesterday evening:I really like the fact I got his attention. Comment to my blog would have been more nice, though.
UPDATE: This gets deeper (click on image to see it full):


So… I’m a troll trying to get traffic to my blog, using his name. Let’s get this straight:

  • Sure as heck I use his name!I think that’s the whole point here!
  • I have given reason why I’m anonymous in the description of my blog.
  • What would I do with traffic? I don’t sell anything, I don’t have advertisements in my blog, I very rarely blog about other things than FUD of Tomi Ahonen.
    (But of course any additional traffic here is not a good thing towards him.)

As a result of his tweet, I’m now giving official promise never to add any advertisement to this blog or start selling anything here.