UPDATE 05-Sep-2012:

Wall Street Journal had a video interview of Stephen Elop. [5]
Remember me saying that Samsung being first does not indicate that Microsoft is somehow mistreating Nokia (their close partner)? Now from CEO himself:

Any company can choose to stand up and hold a device and say “We’re launching it”. We’re proud, tomorrow, to be showing the very first working Windows Phone 8 device with everything unveiled” [5]

So… a week before Nokia event Samsung (which according to bad-mouthing is new Microsoft pet) did not have working WP8 SW in their hands whereas Nokia has?
Well, how about my hunch that Samsung launch did not surprise Nokia? My guess that someone in Redmond is slipping interesting dates?

Well it certainly was not a surprise, you might have noticed the Nokia employees outside encouraging to attend our event tomorrow” [5]

I can’t wait for Tomi Ahonen to blog about Nokia being thrown under the bus (or whatever expression he chooses to use).
He already did that in Twitter. I’d say he goes for it in few hours when Nokia World is over and he starts to tell us how insignificant the Windows Phone 8 devices are compared to N9 and MeeGo and how Windows Phone 7 line is osborned and how Nokia and Microsoft together will hold 2% market share at end of year (or 3%. He upgraded his previous estimate to 3% in Twitter already so I assume he does that in blog too.)

It’s nice to have answers ready beforehand. 😀
(End of update)

Nokia World is just few days away (September 5th). We’ve heard rumors and seen leak images on several Nokia models. Images may be real or then not. Rumors may be true or then not. But meanwhile – platform war continues.

Samsung was first to reveal series of devices: Windows 8 laptop, Windows 8 RT tablet and Windows Phone 8 smart phone – series named Ativ. [1] I tweeted their game opening and expressed my hopes that Nokia will top the Ativ (preferably by mile). And frankly – if rumored Nokia devices will appear to reality as seen in leaks, Samsung looks as if they went for iPhone image gallery again to get their inspiration.

Now my blog was supposed to fix false statements, right? Let’s have a look at what was written about Samsung being first to come up with a Windows Phone 8 device:

So why did Microsoft not ensure Nokia would be the first to launch, the first to grab the headlines, the first to generate buzz among consumers with its new platform?

Maybe Steve Ballmer and co didn’t want to stop Samsung, as they know the South Korean giant may become more important to the firm over time if the Nokia tie-up fails, or perhaps the contracts it signed with partners like Samsung didn’t stipulate exclusive launch rights.

Whatever the reasons, those at Nokia must be feeling a little deflated, and it wouldn’t be surprising if some heated words were had between Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop and Ballmer – former Microsoft colleagues – over the situation.” [2]

While Samsung announced it all the way at the end of its nearly two-hour long Unpacked presentation, Microsoft decided to post a full-on reveal of the Ativ S to its official blog hours beforehand. It’s hard not to see this as an official blessing and stamp of approval for Samsung from Microsoft — and a pretty big snub to Nokia.” [3]

I mentioned in Twitter that Samsung can launch devices when they want and I doubt Microsoft can stop it. And frankly – who cares about one week if Nokia breaks the bank with new Lumias? So it’s about Microsoft. Didn’t they do anything? Anything at all? Well first of all, Samsung Ativ was a surprise launch. How was it described?

Ativ S came out of the blue to many in the industry — I don’t think anyone really expected a Windows Phone 8 device to show up during Samsung’s big Mobile Unpacked event at IFA 2012.” [3]

Yet Microsoft knew beforehand, as we read above. So… What about Nokia? What were they doing while Samsung surprises the world in IFA 2012?


Picture was taken in… IFA 2012.
They don’t seem to be taken by huge surprise considering they had signs at hand when Ativ S was launched “out of blue”. Any chance someone in Redmond slipped Sammy’s plans? 🙂

Let’s get ready for the cool stuff on September 5th. And I’m saying it now: If Nokia shows “warm-up of old Lumias” they can start packing. If they want to stay in the game, they need to hit with something that totally gets noted.
(Don’t let me down on this one, guys!)


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