I’m writing this article to give my welcome to two newcomers of the mobile space – both coming from Ex-Nokians (not me, though). These are Mobiili Suomi and Jolla.

Let’s start with Mobiili Suomi:

It’s having launch event September 4th [1] and guest speaker is – Tomi Ahonen!

Now all my readers know where it can go with Tomi, so let me calm you down:
I actually had a discussion with representative of Mobiili Suomi and their use of Tomi is purely him being a showman (I admit that yes he is, and a good one) and they have no interest in Tomi’s Nokia-agenda.
That said, I’m extremely happy to see one more (obviously objective) info source available about mobile. One more startup from Ex-Nokians making it to success!
(Let’s at least hope so.)
Good work from ITG Digital (the Finnish/Swedish company behind the cool idea).

Now this starts to sound like advertisement. Why am I writing about this?
You probably won’t believe it, but I was actually invited to launch event of Mobiili Suomi. Honest!
I declined the invitation.
It’s mainly because the process to do ID badges for anonymous bloggers is quite challenging and – frankly – having me and Tomi Ahonen under the same roof is not in the best interest of the organizer of the event. 😉

As I already said in title, there is always room in mobile space –  for new players that is. So I seriously recommend people to keep their eyes open for this, Mobiili Suomi has promise in it.

Now Jolla:

I’m rather sure most people know what Jolla is. And they are also present in Mobiili Suomi launch event. [1] So Jolla is also a company founded by ex-nokians and it’s going to introduce MeeGo phone later this year.
Tomi Ahonen is jumping up and down in joy because of this and for once we agree with Tomi Ahonen – Jolla is awesome!

The reasons behind the positive view of Jolla differ between me and Mr. Ahonen, but at least we share opinion on it being great. So I want to welcome Jolla to mobile space too. And there definitely is always room for another Mobile OS so:

Go Jolla!

Now a newcomer in mobile space needs all the help it can get. Since my blog is very critical and tends to cover only mistakes and downsides, my help here is that:

I promise not to do any posts about risks, shortcomings or alike about Jolla.
Just to let it be as awesome as a MeeGo device can be.


I have been said in Twitter and in here that it is not in best interest of Jolla to limit criticism. I agree, except that it’s not like I’m not holding back list of things to fix. So let’s make this clear:
If I would do full post about Jolla, I would title it “Jolla – concept doomed to fail“. I would not give list of 127 things to fix as I feel they just can’t make it, no matter what. I would just attempt to kill the hype that Jolla needs.
But MeeGo is awesome. Smartphones are awesome. MeeGo-powered smartphones are awesome^2. Part of me wants Jolla to make it. It’s because I wanted Nokia to make it (since they could have made it). So no killing of hype. I let them have it.
Remember Anssi Vanjoki saying that “Android hype won’t last a year” and “manufacturer using android is like peeing your pants in order to feel warm“? I may be wrong.

I will leave this subject without any details, references or proofs. Consider me just making bogus claim there.
Ignore that.
Let Jolla try with full hype.
Let them make it.

One exception taken:
Of the two previous MeeGo mobile phone OS attempts Nokia’s MeeGo was severely delayed before it could bring out N9 and N950 – the only MeeGo devices from Nokia. And Samsung recently announced they delay Tizen launch to next year (by rumor since they focus on Windows Phone 8, could just as well be that they encountered unexpected problems).
These I believe come from overly massive organisations not being able to utilize the open source community (Nokia has high tendency to “do own version” of things). Jolla by all info so far is agile organisation using open source Mer project directly and therefore it should be immune to such problems.
But if Jolla (the third MeeGo OS to come to market) suffers same “MeeGo curse” and delays their launch, I will definitely write a post about it.

That said: Welcome to mobile space, guys! (It expands so fast we don’t even feel crowded.)


[1] http://www.itgdigital.com/mobiili-suomi/