As people know, I’m making my posts whenever I happen to run into an misinformative blog post of Tomi Ahonen (assuming I have time). But sometimes I get surprised by Tomi’s blog, like today.

This is the featured article that is glued to the top of his blog. I somehow always thought that it would be accurate but it so does not seem to be so:

Tomi Ahonen and this blog rated top Power Influencer in Mobile by Forbes

On January 3, 2012, Forbes ran a story featuring the Top 10 Power Influencers in Mobile around the world. Forbes measured the most influential mobile experts globally by Reach, Resonance and Relevance and rated me number 1, based on this Communities Dominate blog and my Twitter feed, my videos on YouTube etc. Thank you to Forbes for the measurement, and thank you for my readers and followers and all who reference this blog and stories in it, for bringing me this incredible honor. I am humbled and I will endeavour to try to be worthy of that title to bring you, my readers more relevant and useful stories about mobile in the coming years.” [1]

Now while Tomi is so humbled that he keeps the post as topmost article of his blog for several months, we can go and visit the link. [2] We will find out that this is not news article, its a blog post written by Haydn Shaughnessy, a contributor to the publication. (If in doubt, post is visible in archive of his blog, located at [3])

One can ask if it is valid to say that Forbes measured the most influential mobile experts globally and rated him number 1, but for fun of it, let’s assume it is okay to do so. Since – in the end – it does not matter.
Now being on the list is nice. It is so nice Tomi keeps the post pinned to the top. And if one chooses to have a post as the topmost post all the time, it probably means it needs to be kept up to date then, right?

You see, few months later – in May this year – Haydn Shaughnessy posted a new updated list. [4] It was not fully new names, e.g. Varun Krish, previous #5 has climbed up to #4. Nokia fans are probably happy to hear that Jay Montano of My Nokia Blog has been rated as new #1!

Now Tomi Ahonen is saying he’s top influencer in Mobile (as measured by Forbes), when we know that in reality he is no more number 1. So where is he?

For whole list of “top ten” power influencers, we know Varun made it one step up, Jay made it to the pole position and meanwhile Tomi Ahonen…
…is no longer in the “top 10 list” at all.

And still, five months after list was updated, Tomi’s blog is screaming with yellow highlight how he is “rated top Power Influencer in Mobile by Forbes”. Pretty weird behavior from someone who so repeatedly tells how he hates bad statistics.