You may be here because of the Lumia 920 availability dates. Those are further down. 😉
Italy, Sweden and China availability dates added. AT&T date fixed.
Russia, UK, France and Germany already selling, mentioned.

Nokia started shipping the new Lumia line. I use some Tomi Ahonen here:

“I learned my marketing like most, that there were the classic 4 P’s. Lets not argue about how many P’s there might be, or what clever new theories have also appeared. Lets keep this really simple, this blog is long enough as it is. Even if there may be other things that impact the sales of any goods or services, we can all agree, that these four issues are among the most meaningful items, in every market, every country, every segment, every product. The classic 4 P’s. Product means the product’s design and manufacturing (and in the case of a smartphone, such things as its software and services etc). Promotion is often simplified to mean advertising but it of course means all promotional activites such as publicity and PR. Price is yes, the price. Place is a memory gimmick to cover the distribution channel (the place where your good is sold, but in reality includes the wholesale and global distribution issues too, in the case of mobile phones for example).” [1]

Tomi used this to evaluate how Nokia is doing. Let’s try it again with new Lumia line (810, 820, 822, 920, 920T):


Are the devices able to stand up against the competition?
Sure they will be. Using the criteria that Tomi Ahonen used for evaluating them, they are best phones from Nokia so far (plus beat iPhone 5). (read from this post)


New Lumias are supposed to have the biggest marketing effort ever (Nokia, Microsoft and carrier budgets combined), according to Chris Weber. [2] Let’s not ask for more. Promotion is in shape.


For all that we know, Nokia has prices at same ballpark as other Windows Phone devices so we can’t say it’s somehow a selling point, but should not cause mass rejection in the markets either.


How about availability? Tomi Ahonen told us where Nokia needs to launch in order to have successful launch for new Lumia line. Let’s see if Nokia was able to complete the task:

So we already have confirmed ones (from Tomi), but confirmations also come from elsewhere:

  • Germany – 920 sales started November 5th. (was: [17])
  • Russia – 920 sales startedNovember 6th. (was: [18])
  • Italy – 920 available November 12th on TIM. [21] 820 available November 2nd via [19]
  • Australia – in November, apparently. [3]
  • Sweden – 920 available November 12th and/or 22nd. Preorders closed due to high demand. [20]
  • Denmark – plausibly in November. [8]

And in addition to those Tomi wanted:

  • UK – 920 sales started November 2nd (was: [16]), 820 will be available November 7th [18]
  • USA – in stores November 9th (AT&T) [4], November 14th (T-Mobile) [5], “fall Portfolio” (Verizon) [6]
  • China – 920T exclusive to CMCC. [7] Date rumored to be December 5th. [22] Other models w/o info.
  • France – Phone House already selling [3]
  • Spain – “following soon” (November?) [8]
  • Poland – coming in November [3]
  • Netherlands – coming but date unknown [9]
  • Canada – Rogers already selling [10]
  • India – coming in November [3]
  • Indonesia – obviously coming but no date [11]
  • Finland – preorders of Lumia 920 available today from all major operators, in stores November 22nd. [12] [13] [14]

But that’s not all! New Lumias will be also available in November [3] at:

  • Hong Kong
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • the United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam

And plausibly also in November [8]:

  • Portugal
  • Scandinavia

Do you know more countries/dates? Please comment below and I’ll update the list!

So Nokia exceeded the Tomi’s list for launch by nine countries (Scandinavia would add Norway and Iceland to list). At least there seems to be enough market coverage.

How about the operators/carriers and resales? Place included the sales channel and I think Tomi said there is operator boycott that totally prevents Nokia and Microsoft from selling anywhere in the world (it’s global operator boycott, remember?)

  • In US we have all three biggest (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) selling Lumia. Operator-specific exclusive model for each, two for AT&T.
    This is (as said in comments of this post) obvious weak point for Nokia as the most wanted device – Lumi 920 – is on one operator alone. I’m really eager to see what kind of promotion we get from US carriers (see Finland below).
  • In China we have CMCC – world’s largest mobile operator – with their TD-SCDMA version.
    Let’s not forget 90% of China sales bypass operators. It’s just that if CMCC has over 60% of subscribers in China we cannot ignore the fact that a phone able to connect to their 3G network is a significant thing. Support form CMCC can be seen as “nice bonus”.
  • In UK Lumia 920 and 820 are shipping for EE, which by their company info is working under Orange and T-Mobile brands.
    Lumia 820 will also be available at UK in November by O2, Carphone Warehouse and Tesco. [15]
  • Vodafone in Germany.
  • Swisscomm in Swizerland.
  • In Italy TIM is confirmed, Operators Wind, 3 and Vodafone rumored but unconfirmed. (Vodafone likely as they will sell in Germany already.)
  • Rogers in Canada is already selling.
  • Telstra in Australia has confirmed Lumia 920 is coming in November.
  • In Finland Sonera has been the most active Lumia seller in the past – probably due to their large amount of business customers. Preorders of Lumia 920 available, but wait for it – it gets better:
    Sonera still sells Lumia 800 and 900, promoting WP7.8 update for them. (Those were “Osborned by Ballmer”)
    Elisa is offering discount on Fatboy wireless charging pillow if you preorder now.
    And DNA – the most reluctant to sell Lumias in past – is taking pre-orders too?!?

Any other examples for this? Pro’s or con’s – commenting is possible below.

Is there a point to continue? I fail to find operator that would be “completely refusing to sell a single Lumia device”. Once again I have to point out that in their attempt to spoil Microsoft/Nokia plans the operators really suck when actually performing the operator boycott.
My hopes are that this time the actual sales person level is at least a bit more excited about the new devices and their features (OIS, better-than-iPhone-retina, wireless charging, sensitive touch,…). Then we would get to see some increase of sales.


Device offering – awesome.
Price – competitive, yet high-end (920, 920T) and mid-range (810, 820, 822) only.
Marketing&visibility – strong.
Market coverage – excellent.
Operator boycott – not visible.

Conclusion: If Windows Phone (and Nokia) sales won’t start climbing with this start, then they definitely never will.