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Dear Tomi, I’m writing this letter since it will soon be two years since Nokia announced its new strategy with Stephen Elop. I’m worried that by then you will write a blog post that will ruin your life (have you not done that already).

Soon it will be two years that you Tomi have spent writing about Nokia and how far it has ended up from where it was at end of 2010. However it seems that you do not realize how far you have gone with that task.
Up to end of year 2010 your blog was excellent source of numbers from this industry. I actually had bookmarks of your quarterly reports so I could quickly check when needed. I was then working in Nokia where several “nokians” were reading your (very entertaining) blog. And not least because you always wrote about Nokia in a positive tone. Nokia was “your favorite child”, if I am allowed the expression. It comes without saying that we inside Nokia knew that things were not as rosy as you tried to explain them, but you had all the best intentions.
In January 2011 Nokia announced its results for fourth quarter of 2010. You made excellent report about the collapse of Nokia’s market share. Once again it comes without saying that we inside the company had seen it coming; we had to sell phones to operators with ever more cheaper prices and one cannot continue that forever. So in 2010, we couldn’t. You made several proposals on how to fix the situation. Those addressed device features and hardware, not the operator/carrier relations that were strictly worse due to underperforming products . But you had – as always – all the best intentions.

I started by saying that you do not realize how far you have gone. I’ll try to make you realize it now. In February 2011 you wrote how all Windows Phone 7 devices from all manufacturers hadn’t by then sold as many units as Nokia sold Symbian^3 phones in first quarter. Putting personal feelings aside, excellent point. That’s exactly how you WERE. You based your opinion about Windows Phone strategy with facts and – still – with all the best intentions.
During the past two years that Tomi has disappeared. Now your blog posts are filled with baseless claims, several fake numbers , senseless half-truths, incredible twisting of words and all the other things I’ve gone through in this blog. I don’t dare to use numbers from your blog anymore. It’s because your writings either make you look utterly incompetent or then your writings are intentionally using invalid numbers.

And how about your tone then? In June 2012 International Data Corporation (IDC) made forecast saying Windows Phone would outgrow iOS by 2016. Now you have disagreed with big analyst houses before. This was IDC you use yourself as a source so you decided to describe them as “lying bastards“, “clueless” and “IDC is the willing prostitute that sells its reputation for the highest bidder“. In August 2012 Localytics wrote about Windows Phone and this time you were using words like “incompetent fools“, “fake charlatans” and “con-artists“.

As an additional example of this weird transformation of yours: your open letter to Nokia shareholders. It was so filled with invalid data mentioned before that I needed to post a correction to it.
Tomi please – what is going on? Since when have analytics or consultants written truth-twisting open letters to shareholders demanding CEO to be fired? Is this really what you have become?

I’m concerned, Tomi. You will spoil your career and destroy your income. When you wanted to “prove” that Windows Phone 8 Devices will be total failure, you reported that “We know that only 38% of all smartphones sold now are touch-screen smartphones (which includes hybrids)“. That is a number nobody can take seriously, especially since your own reports say that 67% of phones sold then were Android and 17% iPhones, neither having a single model without touch-screen. This alone tells that you are not thinking clearly anymore. One of your sales articles is “Tomi Ahonen Mobile Phonebook” – one of the means of your income. You Tomi make your living by selling credible numbers but now you apparently value hatred towards Nokia management higher than your own living, since you brought that ridiculous number to your book too!

Tomi, I ask you to seriously consider where you have ended up. This not healthy. And it’s not just me – even the press reports you have had “panic attack” (about best translation for “hepulikohtaus” I could think of) [1] and makes a laughing-stock out of your forecasts. [2]

Like said, this is not just me. Nickname “osakkeenomistaja” wrote a comment to your blog and for a very good reason said to you “I believe that with a more positive atmosphere Nokia could achieve even more wind in its sails. You know the (Finnish) saying “a good bell is heard far, a bad bell is heard even further”. That is why I am wondering about the ringing of the bad bells by Finns. Nokia is still an important company for Finns.
Your reply could have made a long blog post by itself. It included your biography and tons of invalid data I have been pointing out in this blog. Unfortunately you skipped the original point while you were trying to justify your doings.

In your letter to shareholders you said, like many times before, that you’re a Nokia fan. Tomi; fan is excited about the thing he is a fan of. So Nokia fan is excited about Nokia the brand and it’s products, not just some specific product or operating system. Nokia fan likes Nokia products because they are Nokia. Take MyNokiaBlog as an example: some of the authors rate N9 and its Swipe UI above Windows Phone, but it does not mean they’re not excited about Lumia 920, its optical image stabilization or super-sensitive touch screen. Yes, they do blog posts telling how awesome N9 is, but they ALSO tell how awesome they think Lumias are. You have spent tens of thousands of words to tell how old Nokia strategy was right and new is wrong. Only phones from the new strategy era that you have been able to say something positive about are Pureview 808 and N9 – the old strategy aligned phones. You couldn’t even find anything positive about the rumors of 41mpix (same as in 808) Lumia phone coming out this year.
Tomi: you are a Symbian fan, MeeGo fan, “Nokia from the year 2010” fan or perhaps “old Nokia strategy fan” but I can assure you that you are not a Nokia fan.
I was a big fan of Nightwish (the band) until they kicked out their singer (Tarja Turunen) and took a new one instead. I’m not a fan of Nightwish of today. I feel essential part of their music was lost with Tarja’s voice. But I’m not fan of Tarja Turunen either, her singing is hollow when it’s not combined to the music the band had. I think it is fair to say I’m “fan of the Nightwish past”. However, setup of Nightwish is not my responsibility, neither do I post thousands of words long hate-posts telling how stupid the change was. And – most of all – I do not erroneously call myself “fan of Nightwish”.

And then you Tomi repeatedly say you love Nokia and at same time describe Nokia with words like “Slave to Microsoft“, “Box-mover” and “Dead man walking“. Tomi – those are not words one uses to describe their loved ones! It is clear you loved Nokia year 2010 and that you were fan of that Nokia. But it is even more clear that you are incapable of loving Nokia from 2013 and you certainly are not fan of current Nokia. Unfortunately – this IS 2013. Nokia IS the Nokia it is today. If you are unable to love Nokia as it is, don’t say you love Nokia. You don’t. You love a memory, a dream, an ideal… call it what you like.
Which brings us back to Osakkeenomistaja’s comment. He is right when he says that “with a more positive atmosphere Nokia could achieve ever more wind in its sails.” But your actions Tomi are not trying to create that positive atmosphere. You tried to avoid his “wondering about the ringing of the bad bells by Finns” by making it clear you have been away from Finland for a long time. Yet you made it more clear that you “love Nokia”. Tomi, you know it yourself: Nokia is now (if I may use poker term) “pot committed”. They have to play their Windows Phone cards to the very end. If you love Nokia, you don’t spread lies about it during time like this, no matter are you Finn or not. But – as said – you don’t seem to love Nokia anymore. Somebody just had to make you see it.

You Tomi try to justify tour hate-posts by saying that story needs to be told and history needs to be written down. You have now rewritten history for two years, your story has been told. Nokia fell off from the fight of the first position. Let it go already and turn a new page in your life. Talk about Apple, Samsung and whoever takes the third position. And if Nokia ever returns to top, then get back to subject. If Nokia is sold (like you have for months said it will be), write a post saying “told you so”. You are now beating a dead horse and you are only harming yourself in the process. Press is already writing about you in demeaning tone. Like I said, your numbers cannot be trusted. You say numbers are your buddies, but you are not treating your buddies respectfully.

As closing words: you Tomi have been on a crusade against Nokia for two years now. The historical crusades cover time span of almost 200 years before people understood to stop. I don’t think you Tomi have that much time. It is time for you to move on with your life.

Yours sincerely,
Anonymous Ex-Nokian


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