As my readers may know, I made my open letter to Tomi Ahonen and the key point of that post was that if Tomi wants to criticize Nokia he at least should do it with valid facts instead of lies and number twisting. I was concerned he’ll ruin his reputation and credibility.

Could it be he didn’t read it? I kind of doubt that. The post has been tweeted 28 times. (Apparently original one and 11 retweets count for 12 of those). I highly doubt he could have missed it.

So where are we today? Tomi made a post “The Elop Strategy to Go Windows from Feb 11, 2011. At the 2 year anniversary, what do we now see?” [1]. And did he go for facts?

  • Tomi still uses the invalid interpretation of illustrative graph as if it was forecast of Nokia unit sales. The whole post is based on that. (check this link for more about the ridicule of the graph in question)
  • Tomi still says “Nokia smartphones outsold Apple’s iPhone by 2 to 1, and Samsung’s smarphtones by 4 to 1 – and Nokia grew more in 2010 than either rival” – all of the three statements not true / half-truths (check this link for full numbers and comparison)
  • Tomi still talks about the three legs of strategy which also is quite interesting interpretation compared to the Feb 11th strategy announcement (check this link for more about that)

No, I don’t think he got my point. And considering how incredible text he has made for this “2 year anniversary“, I will have to assume he has decided to just throw his credibility out of the window.

For the records, Tomi previously said I am again allowed to comment on his blog:


So I did do a comment to Tomi’s blog. It was this:

Let’s discuss a bit about your claim of
“This picture is in revenues, Windows Phone was supposed to achieve better than 1-to-1 revenue migration from Symbian sales levels, and even take a small part of Nokia’s basic featurephone sales revenues. The total revenues of Nokia handset unit were supposed to remain flat during this transition period.”
You have already said before this image comes from Slashgear. I’m now adding the link here, it’s the same you used for “three pillars of Nokia strategy” post:
Interestingly, your copy misses two quite significant points:
1. Original says “For illustrative purposes only; Not a forecast”
2. You lost the “% of Net Sales” and “100%” labels.
Now the latter ones clearly indicated that there was no promise that “total revenues of Nokia handset unit were supposed to remain flat”. In fact they could have doubled or go down to 0.001% of the original and graph would still be valid if the ratios match.
Therefore your entire analysis here is – frankly – pointless.
Could you now explain to us (your readers) why you did not make a graph of the ratios of Symbian net sales, Feature phone net sales and Lumia net sales up to date so we could have got two graphs that can actually be compared to each other?
Honest, I’m sure you could have made your point fair and square with such a graph. Now you have made this one which is clearly starting from invalid data and therefore being more harmful than useful what comes to your attempt to point out something.” [3]

Screenshot here:

(click to enlarge)

So back to my attempt to convince Tomi that he should not spread lies vs. the “no promise that total revenues of Nokia handset unit were supposed to remain flat” part of my comment – he did not follow my advice. And then to fate of my comment: Tomi has a guideline for commenting in his blog. For what I know its pretty much this:

Just mentioning to those who post comments who may be new to this blog. I remove all comments that are impolite to my readers – you may freely be critical of me haha – and I remove all that reflect the person leaving the comment did not read the blog. You have to be specific to the topic in the blog and if I was forced to answer in a comment saying ‘if you had read the paragraph that..’ – that is a waste of the time of my readers. Such comments are immediately removed. Also there is some spam and inappropriate comments on this blog regularly, I try to remove those too. Keep the discussion on the topic and polite, you are very welcome to participate in the discussion.

Tomi Ahonen” [4]

Let me check now…

Had I read the blog? Yes.
Was I impolite to his readers? No.
Was I sticking with the topic? Pretty much, this is all about the post being incorrect.
Was this spam? No.

Seems I got it right. So what was the reaction?
Comment was posted at 7:45am.
Comment had been deleted by 11:00am, 3 hours and 15 minutes later. (Go ahead and check, few people replied to it and those replies are visible.)
That much for my chances to get him to do sensible posts.

I say the man is officially beyond repair.

UPDATE Feb 14th:

I got a response in Twitter:


Depresses you? DEPRESSES YOU?!?
Tomi: I have explained enough many times how much lies and twisted facts you put into each of those. You are feeling bad after writing those, yes. It is called conscience and it is supposed to make you feel bad after you lie to people. Take the hint and stop.