As the title said, the blog has entered somewhat maintenance mode. I’m quitting.

It’s not as much about Tomi Ahonen but it’s my employment. You see, I was searching for a new job and applied for open position here where I live. Some time later I had made my way to interview and eventually was hired.
This is always excellent news. I’ll start soon and eagerly expect it, but unfortunately the employer is Nokia Corporation.

That’s right. Ex-Nokian is about to be Again-Nokian. And no, this is not a “strike of lightning coming out of the blue sky” – style surprise to me; I knew I would probably be hired from the interview on. Yesterday it just realized into ink-on-paper form, so after that I wrote this post and scheduled it to this morning.
Now I have jokingly said in the past that I’m not taking a break since Nokia comms contacted me and told me to STFU. They still haven’t told me to STFU since I did not talk about the blog, but Nokia guideline is rather clear – Nokia does not comment on trolling bloggers (e.g. Tomi Ahonen) in the web and Nokia employees are not supposed to have blogs (far less anonymous blogs) that are against Nokia guidelines (e.g. this blog).

Therefore I really cannot continue with the blog. One can say I could do it anonymously still, but the idea of this blog was that:

  1. I’m proving that Tomi Ahonen spreads lies using public info anyone can check.
  2. I’m doing this on my own time with no connection to Nokia and not being paid to do this blog.
  3. I’m not tied to Nokia internal policies in any way so I can address FUD from a blogger in the web (something Nokia does not do).

Now I think everyone can agree that it would be hard to keep my credibility as independent writer while being paid by Nokia on a monthly basis. And since my employment begins in few weeks, I call it quits now.

The facts presented in the past remain. I’m not removing this blog from the web. If WordPress asks me to do actions X, Y and Z to keep it alive, I will. I’m just not writing new stuff. (Tomi Ahonen is repeating himself so much this blog is valid counterargument for next year or so anyway.)

Doing this blog was awesome. It has over 90 posts, over 800 comments in those posts, has been viewed 60,000 times to date (during lifespan of about 8 months and views per day have been increasing) and references to this blog have been flying across the web.
It feels sad to stop now. On the other hand, I already told that this takes too much time and – frankly – I don’t believe this is getting through to head of Tomi Ahonen himself (as I mentioned here too). I can only hope that my readers have the URL at hand when they encounter someone who uses Tomi Ahonen as a reference (especially on Nokia). Perhaps some of this work will pay off that way.

I’ve scheduled another post which will pop up in 24 hours. It’ll work as a handy tool for anyone who stops by to this blog. Thanks for all my readers for the past months and feel free to copy from or link to my posts when needed. There is no copyright held of those.

-Anonymous Ex-Nokian-