Hi all.

After the recent rather dramatic turns I have decided to do few updates to this blog. As before, it’s not attempt to paint black to white or defend Nokia Board or Elop, it’s not about me having intent to object Tomi Ahonen just for sake of objecting him and it’s definitely not the paychecks Nokia – or Microsoft – are be paying me. (Frankly, Nokia has never had competitive salary and that has not changed in past years.)

Let’s get this straight: I agree with Tomi Ahonen and over 6 billion people on this planet that if CEO is given $25M bonus after dropping stock price to less than half, market share almost to tenth and so on, it does not only sound insane, it sounds stupid! And if it really is true that this bonus is “solely a result of terms that were accepted in 2010”, i.e. the bonus terms agreed upon hiring of new CEO were designed so that they purposefully guide towards selling the Devices&Services unit and are in no way related to means to get there, it is also criminal.
Unfortunately it seems that we can skip the criminal part what comes to bonus. The basis of the bonus seems to be development of 2012-2013 (stock price indeed has gone up since summer 2012 and so has profitability of Nokia). As the basis of bonus can not be credited to be from 2010, the conspiracy theory is pretty much lost. Only problem remaining is the size of bonus and that is shareholder’s duty to decide if it’s justified.

There has been two major things I have disagreed with Tomi Ahonen in the past. Other was his direct blame of Elop, actually demanding the board to fire him. I have been saying from day zero that I find it hard to believe CEO could against the board of directors cancel all the active platforms of a mobile company and switch to another OS that has miniscule market share.
The board must have approved Elop’s actions.

Now Tomi has finally come to senses and supports that view. He actually calls for Elop AND the board to be investigated. Definite improvement. [1]

That leads to second topic of disagreement:

As Tomi apparently now has a strong case against Elop (and board), why does he need to spread lies about the Nokia’s state in 2010 and state of MeeGo or create unrealistic stories about the alternate future where Nokia was going to “escape the competition”? The $25M incentive to wreck the company is alone enough reason to have Elop and board beheaded. Time to get back to facts, Tomi!


As everybody knows, Nokia sold its Devices and Services unit to Microsoft. I have told all my friends and relatives that as long as the sales of Lumia handsets participates to my salary, I would be happy if they would prefer Nokia phones over competition despite the Microsoft deal. But due to sales of D&S unit I suddenly don’t feel all that guilty if I break Nokia comms policy and do few blog posts like this. So I thought it would be good to do some updates.

-Anonymous Ex-Nokian-

P.S. I have lots of material gathered up during past months but it just needs final touch. Don’t be surprised if new posts come on a daily basis.


[1] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2013/09/now-we-know-why-nokias-elop-had-a-25m-personal-bonus-clause-from-the-nokia-board-if-he-was-able-to-s.html