turncoat (ˈtɜːnˌkəʊt) — n a person who deserts one cause or party for the opposite faction; renegade
(Collins Dictionary)

Anyone who has ever read this blog should already know that since about mid-year of 2011 Tomi Ahonen has been telling how Elop has hidden Microsoft agenda and is deliberately hurting Nokia to prepare it for Microsoft acquisition. His recent blog post sums it up in a single sentence:

Elop came into Nokia to sell it to Microsoft

-Tomi Ahonen, August 26, 2013 [1]

Now this in a sense became reality – Nokia Devices&Services was sold to Microsoft. Since one would expect a 10,000 word blog post from Tomi Ahonen including his “told you so” text, I went through the trouble and checked Tomi’s recent posts. After the blog post quoted above Tomi has not made a single post that indicates Elop would have been injected inside Nokia to prepare it ready to be sold to Microsoft. Not a single one. Despite Nokia D&S was sold.


What really made my eyes roll was this text from Tomi’s interview held September 10th, 2013 – literal one week after the D&S deal was announced:

Ahonen has clear view on Elop: his tenure in Nokia is complete fiasco. Yet Ahonen doesn’t believe that Elop would have been Trojan horse that deliberately brought down the market value of Nokia.

Ahonen is swift in his turns and in changing his mind. Just two weeks ago he believed in his blog that Elop was a Microsoft mole to begin with and that he came to Nokia just to sell company to Microsoft.

(original Finnish text):

Ahosen näkemys Elopista on selkeä: tämän kausi Nokiassa oli fiasko. Ahonen ei silti usko Elopin olleen Troijan hevonen, joka ajoi Nokian markkina-arvon tarkoituksella alas.

Ahonen on nopea käänteissään ja mielipiteenmuutoksissaan. Vielä kaksi viikkoa sitten hän uskoi blogissaan Elopin olleen alusta asti Microsoftin myyrä, joka tuli Nokialle myydäkseen yhtiön Microsoftille.
” [2]

Please note this is not just some drunken tweet or blog post made in moment of bad judgment. This is a press interview. Combined with the turn of things in his blog this seems to be Tomi’s official line now.

I’m telling you if I’ve EVER seen a radical change of mind, this is it!

I don’t know what to say.


[1] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2013/08/ballmer-aftermath-part-2-impact-to-nokia-especially-lumia-running-windows-phone.html

[2] http://www.digitoday.fi/tyo-ja-ura/2013/09/10/paiva-jona-nokian-ykkoskriitikko-itki/201312593/66