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This is a recent text from Tomi Ahonen, although not the latest one about the subject of “Feb 11th 2011 Elop killed Meego that was on its road to victory”:

MeeGo was pure gold for Nokia – China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator/carrier had already selected MeeGo as their default smartphone OS – China Mobile is as big as AT&T plus Verizon plus Sprint plus T-Mobile in the USA, all added together – and that number doubled. That is how enormous is China Mobile. And they were Nokia’s partner with MeeGo.


Where does he come up with this stuff?
I mean – dammit with those fast-moving Chinese! 😀

Can you imagine the speed? China Mobile joined Linux Foundation (and thus became connected with MeeGo) in November 2010. And we know Nokia announced discontinuation of MeeGo after January 2011.
This means that in just three months China Mobile chose NOT to embrace Android:
Not to use Android that was going to be largest smartphone OS by Q1 2011 (if already was not that).
Not to use Android that was already used (and forked) by Chinese OEMs.
Not to use Android already in market.

Instead China Mobile was going to have their phones “by default” use MeeGo.
MeeGo that was made by alliance of two large Western companies.
MeeGo that had zero existing devices.
MeeGo that had no apps.
MeeGo that had not been demonstrated to run on low-end hardware.
MeeGo that was still in development and had already been postponed to late 2011.


I think it is worth noticing that there is no press release – not a single one – from Nokia stating any kind of deal where China Mobile would be choosing MeeGo. Neither have I seen any press releases from China Mobile where they somehow prioritize Meego as their primary choice as a smartphone OS.
If we – for the sake of argument – assume Tomi Ahonen is correct and China Mobile had indeed “selected MeeGo as their default smartphone OS“, we also have to presume that world’s largest mobile operator made a deal with world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer and they both just forgot to tell the world about it!
That could happen, right?


Okay, it could be me cherry-picking Tomi’s text. Certainly this is one-time mistake and Tomi has not gone this road before?

And probably the most significant partner in the MeeGo ecosystem is China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile operator/carrier which alone is about twice as big as all USA based mobile phone operators/carriers added together. So when China Mobile says their preferred smartphone OS is MeeGo, they can very well dictate that to be the OS on all smartphones that China Mobile would support in its marketing and its stores and its campaigns.” [2]
-July 2011

China Mobile the world’s biggest mobile operator – as big alone as all US carriers – doubled – has said it will priortize MeeGo! MeeGo! And Nokia is the only maker of MeeGo smarpthones today.” [3]
-August 2011

China Mobile had committed to MeeGo and wanted its MeeGo phone from Nokia.” [4]
-October 2011

Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo ecosystem had achieved the ultimate prize – the world’s biggest mobile operator/carrier China Mobile had signed up to MeeGo – China Mobile alone is more than twice the size of all USA carriers/operators added together)” [5]
-February 2012

China Mobile was gutted with the Elop Effect. China Mobile had been promised developer partner status by Intel and Nokia, the only carrier with that status, on MeeGo. Meanwhile, China Mobile does not carry the iPhone and wasn’t accepting the Blackberry. They stated their current smartphone OS platform was Symbian and the future would be MeeGo.” [6]
-April 2012

…oh, he has. 😦

Calling for Tomi FUD again. (And wondering why he thinks someone could ever buy the crap he produces.)