I noted that ever since my blog came back online, Tomi Ahonen has been tweeting practically nothing.
Appearance of my blog and silence of Tomi are unrelated. He is traveling and then he tweets very little. Already in 2012 I was considering this post and now seems to be the time to do it, so back to what I just said:

  • If Tomi travels, he tweets very little and those are coverage of some keynotes or shouts to person X if he/she is in town. He does not have time to produce FUD.
  • When Tomi is at home he tweets a lot and then FUD is sometimes included:

So here comes the formula:

iTATTI = 1 – ( Ntrt / Ntotal )

Ntrt is amount of Travel-Related-Tweets from Tomi in given time scale

Ntotal is total amount of tweets from Tomi

iTATTI is inverted value of Tomi Ahonen Travel Tweet Index (T.A.T.T.I. from now on)

And in brief: T.A.T.T.I. is “the approximate probability that Tomi’s tweet from given timeframe is NOT FUD”. So iTATTI is the exact opposite – probability of FUD.


Between October 2nd and October 16th Tomi has tweeted 2 tweets, both of them are travel related. Therefore tweets of that time should by almost 100% certainty be free of FUD. 😉

Increase timespan to cover also October 1st and Tomi has tweeted 12 tweets, only 2 of them travel related. Therefore tweets of that time have probability of 83% to be FUD. (iTATTI = 0.8333)

Yep, I wrote this because I got bored. How did you guess? 😀