Hi Tomi.

I usually do not make posts of my own tweets. However, this time I pretty much have to as you decided to block me in Twitter and I feel you may have missed some important stuff there. So I’m now writing you an open letter (again) to address this issue. As you well know, this is where it started:

Yes, I did call you a liar. And I understand you may disagree with me but It seems that (like I said in my previous open letter) you seem to have less proffesional approach:


Yeah, someone calls you a liar, block him. Very mature of you Tomi.
News flash: You Tomi have a public Twitter account. It means anyone – Twitter account or not – can see your tweets. Blocking someone does not really even qualify as an annoyance. And as a professional you are expected to have professional behavior and in this case one would expect you to ask me to prove my statement.


Oh right, it seems you did mention the prove it part after blocking me first so I could not actually reply to you.

More news flashes:

  1. Blocking will not remove existing replies. If a reply exists in Twitter, blocking status is not checked when people view the tweet.
  2. If one happens to be able to post a reply to your tweet, the system will not later hunt it down and remove it.
  3. Unlike for Symbian and MeeGo, there is official Twitter client for Windows Phone.
    (You see, even though you do not like Microsoft, it does not mean they wouldn’t be a business partner of several companies like e.g. Twitter Inc.)

All of a sudden it seems I mysteriously am still able to reply to you despite the blocking. There is some math you need to do here and I know it hurts when it goes to ecosystem discussion.

So yes, I naturally added proof for it, it is my old post and the recurring theme there is that either you know all the facts but ignore them (being a liar) or then you are unaware of very key metrics your blog provides (being incompetent). You can of course choose to take the incompetent option there.


And since you seem to insist you never deliberately write lies to your blog I chose to link to yet another post of mine where I list mere ten cases where you do exactly that. You ignore the official numbers from press releases, you claim to do average of big analyst houses and end up to N9 sales number that is above all of those “averaged” numbers… The list goes on.
This all gets back to your attitude problem.


So next I get to your tweets and books. Once again I’m linking to my older post where I very clearly point out that in order to make Stephen Elop look incompentent you chose to forge the touch/non-touch ratio both in your tweets and in your “Tomi Ahonen Mobile Phonebook”. So yes, you DO deliberately lie in your blog, tweets and books.


As I told you there before Tomi, I called you a liar, will call you a liar and whenever you lie in Twitter, will reply to that too. And now, why am I writing you this?

Last news flash: Since you have now blocked me, you will not be able to see my tweets. Therefore I (provenly able to still do so) will reply to your tweets, point out to the entire world that you are indeed lying there and you Tomi will never know. You just wonder why people are not taking you seriously.
All this because of your – frankly childish – attitude and inability to actually have a “go ahead and prove it” discussion.

What a pity.

Yours sincerely,

Anonymous Ex-Nokian