This is thrid recap onmy “What to expect from Mobile year 2013” post. It is quite funny that after I said year 2013 will be year of newcomer OS’es I cover them as last. Well, there’s a reason for it. Let’s see our OSes of interest:


I said Tizen is to be followed for being very similar to Nokia’s MeeGo. Not as per OS but because once again we have:

  • Linux-based OS.
  • Largest phone manufacturer (measured by units sold) that should transfer their existing customer base to new OS.
  • Joint venture with Intel.
  • Ecosystem from scratch.
  • Delays.

As I said in my BlackBerry post, success of Tizen would indicate that Nokia’s MeeGo should have been a success but as Tizen comes late to game it does not work vice versa.

Tizen results

Delayed, delayed, delayed, not in 2013 and not sure if year 2014 either.
That’s the sum up. Practically nothing happened in 2013, if we count out the developer offering.
We do know now that Samsung is having event in February 2014 and that they are going to give “an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices as well as an opportunity to learn about the major milestones that the Tizen project has hit since last year’s event“.
When I heard it I said they’re going to copy-paste that to their February 2015 event invitation. That was before Tizen was delayed for another 6 months. I wish I had made a post about that taunt as it feels so fitting now.

My faith on Tizen has always been low, mostly due to the fact that by all expectations Samsung is not priorizing it high. Turns out that only MeeGo-like thing Tizen was capable of producing was the repeated delays.

Jolla / Sailfish OS / Mer

Jolla was supposed to be the closest thing to Nokia’s MeeGo and it is also first one to have actually delivered something. HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A SMALL STARTUP!?!
*standing ovation*
Jolla has been keeping their press appearance and shipped first phones before Christmas. Needless to say they did not (and could not have) sell more devices than original Nokia Lumia launch but nevertheless we have a start that could keep one Finnish startup running for years if they can keep their customer base.
Jolla/Sailfish OS was delayed until very end of year and admitted by the CEO that SW is still in beta state. Once again, Nokia could have done better than Jolla did so this is not proof of failure of MeeGo. However, this is our third runner that did not prove MeeGo should have been a huge success.

One thing worth noting: Jolla outsold iPhone 5S on operator DNA in December.
(It is not unheard of that a new phone outsells others the month it’s out but still an achievement for a company size of Jolla.)

Ubuntu and others

Ubuntu mobile has not received a single manufacturer to actually build the devices.
Firefox OS started shipping yet there have not been sales that would register outside rounding errors.
That is about all I have to add to “others” category.

As I said year ago, year 2013 will be year of newcomer OS’es but not because they would suddenly start to rule the world. Reason I said “year of newcomer OS’es” was because I expected the topics visible in media (and social media) to have high amount of: Tizen, Jolla (Mer), FirefoxOS, Ubuntu.
We did see lot of that media presence but still I feel year 2013 biggest news (at least in where I live) was that Nokia sold its Devices & Servies division to Microsoft.
Very unsporting to steal headlines like that. 😉

As a finisher I let Strategy Analytics sum up the state of other OS’es, Look especially the Q4 2013 where Jolla was already selling and Firefox OS should have advanced out of initial distribution:


(Oh yes, BlackBerry the fourth largest OS is included in that “Others” of 0.7%)