Long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was a blog called “Communities Dominate Brands”. As late as yesterday people had a discussion there. Like discussions always, they sometimes get a bit heated, people argue, debate, but nevertheless the discussion was open and quite entertaining to follow.
As that has just ended I felt enough annoyed to do a post about this.

What happened yesterday evening is that Tomi Ahonen came back to his blog and started reading the latest comments. As there were new commenters he actually went and commented on some posts. Eventually he explained some of the guidance for commenting and went to comment back on the comments. This was in his reply to a regular commenter of the blog:

Please do not suggest that of my writing else point to the date on this blog that I posted such a thing (and then I’ll go add a correction to that blog as it would be stupid of me to suggest that and I don’t want even my older blogs to contain obiously false info).

Ummm… “don’t want even his older blogs to contain obiously false info”? Sounds like my job here! 😀
So I added this comment:

“Please do not suggest that of my writing else point to the date on this blog that I posted such a thing (and then I’ll go add a correction to that blog as it would be stupid of me to suggest that and I don’t want even my older blogs to contain obiously false info).”

I find this very interesting statement. I (among other commenters here) have been asking – no, demanding – you to fix the fallacies in both your old and current posts. For years. To prove my point I will now list here ten of such things. If you wish I can add another ten without even putting effort to it:

1. Nokia Money subscriber count. You say 1.2 million paying customers (March 12, 2012), ANY news about it has 1/6th or even 1/12th of that.
2. China Mobile being 11 times larger than China Telecom. (May 23, 2012) Real number is less than five times larger. (Numbers from the same date as your claim)
3. Lumia 900 sales price at Amazon. According to you it went down from $499.99 to $0.01. (June 26, 2012) However that is against your own policy of not mixing subsidized and unsubsidized prices. In reality the unsubsidized price was $575.99 at the time you made that ridiculous claim.
4. According to you, only 38% of all smartphones sold in Q2-Q3 2012 were touch-screen smartphones (includes hybrids). (September 5, 2012) Real number is over 90% according to OS spread from your own numbers.
5. According to you Nokia had 90% market share in smartphones in Finland Q4 2010 – Q1 2011. (This blog March 22, 2012 + Twitter Sep 5, 2012) However, actual Nokia market share according to IDC was 66% in Q4 2010 and 59% in Q1 2011.
6. Lumia sold units up to end of Q2 2012. Your blog (September 5, 2012) says that Nokia official statement of 7 million units was “up to about end of June” so you don’t have to admit you have been doing forgery on your previous numbers (that only sum up to 6.6M).
7. According to you N9 had sold cumulatively over 5 million units until end of Q2 2012. (This blog, quarterly reports Q4 2011 – Q2 2012). That is a remarkable achievement but for some reason your full year 2012 numbers does not include MeeGo in the list of OSes even though it would easily make it. Of course, Gartner, Canalys etc. numbers you say you base your numbers on do not have enough space for those sales in their “others” section even if we assume zero sales for EVERY SINGLE OTHER OS than MeeGo.
8. According to you you were most accurate forecaster when forecasting Nokia to have 12% market share at end of year 2011. You even said that “Nobody else dared suggest that Nokia would be so badly damaged” when you say Nokia ended with 12.6%. (June 27, 2012) Unfortunately Horace Dediu of Asymco made his forecast before you and for Q4 2012 it was… 13%. So you will have to do with 2nd position. (He was also more accurate or on par with you for Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2011.)
9. Lumia line resales value. According to you it is at zero in several markets. (January 30, 2013) However we can check Ebay closed deals or freely chosen online second hand stores from the markets you refer to and see that used Lumias are sold for very significant part (even over half of the original price for few months old flawless unit). That being prices SOLD for, not ASKED for.
10. (I’m saving best for last.) According to you IDC in September 2012 expected Symbian to remain the largest OS until end of 2014 and that we can count Nokia’s declining market share where Nokia remains the top player above competition from that forecast. (June 14, 2012 and countless times since – ask me for a list if you wish). You seem to forget that IDC forecasted Symbian market share to DECLINE to 32.9% to that year 2014. YOU reported Symbian at 32% sharp at end of YEAR 2010! (Did Elop retroactively go back in time and burn some platforms? Do you think that IDC prediction is worth ANYTHING come year 2011?) Oh yeah, you do the same for Gartner forecast too. It also expected Symbian to end year 2010 at 40%, not 32%. Also valid forecast for year 2011?

For those readers who need links to publicly available numbers pointing out that Tomi’s numbers are falsified, it is here:

I would like you Tomi now to show some classy behavior and actually answer this comment instead of deleting it. Because you very directly asked for such yourself.

I posted the same comment before but it got deleted so I rewrote some of it so I would not break the rule to avoid abusive language. This new comment was posted 07:03 am (GMT). I checked back 08:00 am and it was gone. No classy behavior here. (Screenshot of the comment while it existed is here. After what happened to original comment I expected it to be deleted too.)
don’t want even my older blogs to contain obiously false info” – sure. Allow me to laugh.

But wait, there is more!

Also CN wrote a comment.
Remember the nick? He’s the guy with access to carrier data and he’s been traditionally more on the map on current Nokia than Tomi.
Unfortunately I did not take a screenshot of it as those two aready were having a sane conversation and I had no clue Tomi would take such a sudden turn. Google cache does not hold it either. Bummer.
What happened is:

  • CN commented stating that Tomi has some old data not corrected, refering to Tomi’s most “chosen as most influential person last year”.
  • Tomi replied that he has “last year” instead of “2012” and he fixed it.
    (Also asked didn’t he already ban CN.)
  • CN said that Tomi blocked him in Twitter for saying that “dislike” is not same as “hate”.
    (If someone knows more, tell me and I’ll link that event here, it must be hilarious.)
  • Tomi said – that comment remains – “Ok good.. :-) I still think I say potato you say tomato.. :-)
  • CN said that he means Tomi’s Chinese carrier sizes where he has China Telecom at size less than half of its actual size (and that Tomi has not yet fixed it).
    I had that listed too as my original post comes from CN’s tip to my blog.

(This is where I noted the discussion. This is why I have no screenshot – they were having a discussion.)
I don’t know if there was anything else. Most likely not but of course there could have been.
So next:

  • Tomi deleted all comments above save one.
  • Tomi closed the post in question, nobody can add comments there anymore.
  • Tomi added this ultimatum:

… well that didn’t last long. You know who you are. Don’t try that again or I’ll block you here too. And you know what that means – I go and delete every comment you ever made. Don’t tempt me. I was in a good mood earlier today.

Singled Grumpy Old Dude

Delete every comment he ever made? A bit excessive action, don’t you think?

For a while there was really nice discussion in that blog. It was getting repetitive – sure – but it was still good discussion.