The big news today seems to be Wall street Journal article according to which Nokia Normandy a.k.a. Nokia X will be launched this month.
Let’s for a moment assume it’s true (WSJ usually prints only stuff they are sure about) and see what it means.

This is a disaster for Tomi Ahonen. Nokia X should not exist as he has repeatedly been saying that Stephen Elop had a goal to kill every single Nokia product that would not use Windows Phone.
As Nokia X has been rumored so far Tomi has shown his amazing analytical skills and explained that Nokia deliberately wasted millions of dollars for R&D program that was never going to produce a product – just to negotiate better sales price:

The rush Android project could have given us Nokia branded Android right now in 2014 and this threat was the final key to get Microsoft to make Nokia a decent offer for the handset unit.


Very well then. In this approach this phone should never see the light of day. Never. It would be a risk for the Nokia D&S unit sale to Microsoft. This does not fit to Tomi Ahonen anti-Elop agenda so he will need to introduce new stories that could explain this all. I’m going to forecast them to you:

  1. The board forced Elop to do this.
    This he has actually proposed already [1] so it is not news. I’m merely saying that for Tomi’s agenda it is impossible that Elop somehow would be behind this.
  2. Microsoft will cancel it the moment Nokia D&S unit has been moved to Microsoft.
    He has to stick to this approach. And it is already something he has said: “Microsoft – it can never allow Android on its ie Lumia ie Nokia or any other MIcrosoft-owned phones.” [1]
  3. It will not sell because carriers refuse to sell any Microsoft products due to Skype Boycott.
    I say he will go exactly for this – against all his past talk how Nokia could get the operator boycott lifted the moment they do Android phone. He has been very clear that Nokia does not even need to announce the end of Windows, just bring Android alongside Windows and the carrier-community will rush to help Nokia recover. [2] I say he will now do a turncoat move and say Android will not matter at all due to Skype.

Assuming Microsoft does not cancel the product we will also hear:

  • This is definite proof that Microsoft has now abandoned Windows Phone experiment and abandoned all plans to gain market share in mobile phones. Microsoft has openly moved to support Android.
    I expect Bill Gates interview – style post from him. Exaggeration can take one so far.
  • <Satya Nadella / Stephen Elop / whoever gets the blame> is a moron and only sells Nokia X in limited markets like Kazakhstan and Nigeria.
    I also expect this to be N9 moment all over again. Nokia X is for low price points and rumored Dual SIM indicates it is also for emerging markets. That means it is very ill-fitted to advanced markets where Microsoft is already offering Windows Phone.
    Also: as Nokia X according to rumors lacks access to Google Play store (and apps available for it cannot use Google APIs), Windows Phone will beat Nokia X in app offering.
    I just assume Tomi is in full denial about this.

But yeah, that was about what I expect we will hear as soon as Tomi gets back online. 🙂