Okay, few recent weeks have been really odd.

First of all, latest blog post from Tomi Ahonen in his blog is dated February 27, 2014 – almost two months ago. After that (and this was discussed in the comments of his blog) Tomi Ahonen has not commented, posted or deleted anything to/from his blog. I would call this MIA unless he had logged in to Twitter and made some tweets (about a week ago). He said then that he had been busy & traveling. However the fact he had time to do Twitter flood means he should have checked what was going on in his blog and deleted some comments (links to this blog, general pointing of his misinformation, etc.). He did nothing.
I don’t think there has been any other two-month period in the history of that blog that Tomi does not post anything or comment anything.

I would’ve checked it but thing is that if I browse to http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands I get to this:

I know Tomi’s blog is powered by Typepad but… Not found?

Nokia D&S unit will be transferred to Microsoft this Friday.
Nokia Q1 2014 results are out next Tuesday.

If we don’t hear from Tomi by then, there is something seriously wrong.