Its a fact that after Microsoft bought Skype the total carrier commnuity put all Windows based smartphones into boycott. LG and Sony quit the Windows ecosytem completely. HTC and Samsung reduced their involveemnt to a token handset or two. Huawei and ZTE abandoned Windows Phone launches. In all cases that there was a statement why, it was because the carriers said they don’t want the Windows based smartphones.

–Tomi Ahonen, February 04, 2014 [1]

Please bear in mind that Elop threw all the marketing billions on promoting Lumia and Windows. And that Microsoft threw literally billions more into it – in many markets like the UK, Microsoft would hand a free Xbox 360 videogaming console for those who bought a top-line Lumia. And the carriers would throw the biggest marketing pushes of their history to promote Lumia such as AT&T did in the USA.

–Tomi Ahonen, April 30, 2014 [2]

You know; you can have the carriers doing total boycott or then the biggest marketing pushes of their history…
…but you have to pick. You simply cannot have them both.