Okay… I think I have to record this now as this is getting silly.
Smartphone sales from Nokia Q1 2014 according to Tomi Ahonen is 7.1M (79% WP, 21% Android) [1].

Tomi has been very vocal about Lumia share decresing and nokia X (Android) share increasing. Take this as an example:

In Q1 the Nokia X Series was not sold for the full period but it already took 21% of Nokia’s total smartphone business. Now in Q2 we’ve had the first full quarter of X Sries sales. How much might it have taken? I’d say its safe to say somewhere between 30% and 40%. Could even be half of Nokia’s total smartphone business.


Then we have Lumia sales for Q2 2014 from Microsoft. They shipped 5.8 million Lumias but that’s not full 90-day period. Tomi has explained this too:

Microsoft also reported on its Nokia unit, with 5.8 million Lumia smartphones reported. This is not a full quarter of sales, so when we adjust the sales for full-quarter size, it is 7.7 million


Now according to Tomi it is “safe to say” that Lumias account for 60% to 70% (could be as low as half of them) of Microsoft smartphone shipments. Therefore total Microsoft smartphone shipments (Lumia + Nokia X) for Q2 are between 11 million and 12.8 million (could be as high as 15.4 million).
Even with previoyus quarter 21% Nokia X sales percent the total is 9.7 million, right?

…and then there’s Tomi who now tells us that Microsoft was dropped out from Top 10 by Motorola [4]. In his view Motorola with 8.6 million shipped phones drops Microsoft as Microsoft only shipped 7.7 million units. I’ll sum this up to a sentence:

Tomi Ahonen has deliberately ignored 2 to 5 million sold Android phones from his Microsoft statistics so he could drop Microsoft from top 10.
(I can’t think of any other explanation for this kind of behavior from a man who repeatedly tells how much he hates bad statistics.)


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