I have never really written about Ovi brand but boy has Tomi Ahonen (consultant, motivational speaker) produced stuff to check. Here’s some of the finest:

In ‘applications’ Nokia’s app store (Ovi) had the second most apps behind only Apple at the time.

–Tomi Ahonen, February 10, 2012 [1]

Nokia’s Ovi Store app store had become the second-bestselling app store behind only Apple.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 21, 2013 [2]

If Nokia’s CEO had not meddled in the success, Ovi would have passed Apple quite easily in the next year or so

–Tomi Ahonen, September 23, 2013 [3]

–Tomi Ahonen, August 1, 2014 [4]


Tomi says that Ovi was second biggest app store in 2011? Everyone ready for a picture?


See the app store having the second most apps (behind only Apple) and going to pass Apple quite easily in the next year or so?
Is it named Ovi? No?

Please note: This is United States stats at end of March 2011, one and a half months after announced death of Symbian. One could argue that we miss apps of Chinese market or that Android Market outgrew Ovi store in between, but Ovi store allocated 100 000th URL (screensavers, wallpapers, flash animations, themes AND all the content that had been removed or never published in the first place) in February 2011. That means there could not have been over 100 000 titles in the store before that, no matter of the area we look at and App count is just a percentage of that. Meanwhile at end of March there were at least 206 000 Android apps in the store. Likely more if all regions are included. Therefore the numbers above are accurate enough to show the relative sizes.

In app counts Android Market is second and it has almost SEVEN TIMES the amount of apps while its sales have just passed those of Symbian and Android installed base is way smaller than that of Symbian! No, Ovi store was not having second most apps.


Well, how about revenues? People always remember to say that the amount of apps is not everything.
We have full year 2010 revenue numbers:


Second-bestselling app store behind only Apple? That’s BlackBerry, not Ovi. Over 60% bigger revenues than Ovi. And now we have global stats preceding “Elop Effect” to make everyone happy.
What comes to Android Market and the “less than 3%” lead that Ovi Store has over it, get this: this is for full year 2010 when there were about a half more Symbian phones sold than Android phones. Difference in installed base is even more in favor of Symbian. As Android bypassed Symbian in sales of new devices at end of 2010, I doubt Ovi Store would’ve kept that lead into 2011, far less caught on Apple as Tomi states.

Now why does someone who is supposed to be expert on mobile do this? I have no clue. All I do know is Tomi insists that Ovi store had overtaken all rival app stores except Apple’s and was closing the gap but insisting on it doesn’t make it any more truth.


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