I’ll start with this capture from Tomi’s tweets from today:


And now… Impossible at any given year. First of all:

In 2008, ITU-R specified the IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced) requirements for 4G systems.
(Wikipedia) [3]

That’s 2008, not 2001. And that is just the requirements. As Tomi says Sonera, we can skip other launches of 4G networks and focus on Sonera 4G network which was launched in 2010 [4], 9 years after Tomi claims it existed. And then there’s a problem in the 1G end (which is supposed to exist parallel to 4G network) as Sonera shut it down at end of 2002 [5], almost by date 8 YEARS before they had 4G network.

Calling for Tomi FUD again. (Just how clueless is he on such a simple things like mobile network technologies?)


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