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It’s me again – Nokia Engineer with no reputation to use to back up my text. Therefore I’m referring to public sources for all my statements.
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It seems that Tomi Ahonen (author, consultant, motivational speaker) really hasn’t gotten over the shut down of Nokia Money the service.

Two years ago I wrote about Tomi’s outrageous claim that Nokia Money had 1.2 million paying subscribers when it was shut down. Tomi estimated that to be 12% market share of mobile money in India. I pointed out that it’s a lie – every single news about it (including the one Tomi linked himself) say the service had 100 000 to 200 000 paid subscribers. Every one of them. Less than 2% if Tomi’s math holds. (Please go read the original post, it’s all there with links to Tomi’s statements and the news about it. Link is above.)

Today I noted that Tomi is getting it further. This is from his recent blog post:

Yeah, Nokia had Nokia Money not announced but in commercial production in India for example (the world’s second largest country and the country with the largest unbanked population) where Nokia Money had 13% market share (before idiot Elop killed the project because his favorite Windows Phone could not support NFC at the time).


Okay, the multiplier has grown from 12 to 13. Actually, if lower numbers are correct, Tomi has added to the service as much subscribers as the total amount the service had!

But then to the real evolution: Nokia Money was a service running on Nokia feature phones and using SMS as transfer channel. [2] Now suddenly all those users in rural India had NFC-enabled phones?
Is he really this clueless about Nokia’s services and their user base?


Anyway, not only is this even worse lie than the original, but as a final sign of his cluelessness Tomi also ignores Lumia 610 NFC when he claims Lumias did not support NFC at the time.

Why does he do this? I understand that he has personal grudge towards Elop but this is getting insane.


Thanks to anonymous tipster, we have two additional aspects from Tomi on this topic:



Now that would be HUGE news for Nokia as they had launched Nokia money only in India [4], did not have full launch even there until December 2011 [2] and had not expanded it by year 2012 – the time the service was shut down. [4]

I think this makes sure that this is not incompetence but intentional spread of misinformation. As usual.


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