Remember when I wrote that Tomi Ahonen does read this blog?
After that I wrote about Nokia Money, pointing out that it did not run on NFC (as stated by Tomi several times) but on SMS (which Tomi has NEVER said to have been the case). And that it was not launched in a dozen of countries (as stated by Tomi) but only in India.

Today Tomi posted this in his blog post:

No, Nokia launched Nokia Money first in India – the world’s second largest nation by population, the third largest handset market, and the world’s largest country if measured by the size of how much of its population is unbanked. Nokia Money was not designed to run on NFC at the time, it ran of course on SMS, still today the most used form of mobile payments that works on all phones, not just smartphones.

And I had to go back and double-check: Not even once before this has Tomi implied that Nokia Money used SMS as transfer channel. Not even in his first post about it. But he has multiple times said that Nokia Money used NFC. Like this:


So as said in this post and the previous: Tomi clearly reads this blog. He has to – considering how he corrects his sayings as a reflection to what I write here.
Now this is Tomi’s stand from about a year ago:


And this is more recent…


…which (as seen in tweet chain) is effectively a “reply to a reply”…
…to my tweet about this specific post
…in a blog he said he does not read.

This is just hilarious.