This comes from an interview of Tomi Ahonen. He was asked about Nokia X and his take on it [1] but this one question caught my eye:

Question from the interviewer (when Tomi said that Nokia X is not sustainable):
But Nokia’s in-store operator billing is supposed to a huge selling point, particularly in emerging markets like Nigeria where credit card penetration is low. [1]

Tomi’s answer:

Interesting. But do you recognise that Symbian (Nokia Ovi) had 3 times more operator billing than Windows Phone has today? That was why the Ovi Store became the second biggest app store. It was actually catching up with iTunes before Stephen Elop killed it.

–Tomi Ahonen, May 19, 2014 [1]

(I’ll skip the silly stuff about the “second biggest app store catching up iTunes” and focus on the rest of his reply:


“Nokia Ovi had” I assume refers to time before February 11th 2011. Latest data I can find on it is from December 2010. At that time Ovi Store had carrier billing “on 100 carriers in 30 countries” [2] whereas May 2014 (the time Tomi ahonen gave his interview) Windows Phone had “59 Mobile Operator billing connections in 36 countries” [3].
At the time Tomi gave his interview Windows Phone was leading by countries and even by number of carriers Ovi store in the past had a bit over half more than WP, not even twice as many and FAR from “3 times more“.

Deliberate lie or sheer incompetence, readers may decide.


Tomi has interesting downplay for Nokia X here. In his view Nokia X Android phone has some kind of poor Microsoft app store billing, which cannot be as good as Ovi Store had.
That is clueless comment at best. Nokia X does not use Windows Store, it uses Nokia Store. Nokia Store is Ovi Store rebranded. The carrier billing is there – Nokia has kept it (if not even increased it) as they needed it to make money from Series 40 feature phones and the last of Symbian sales they had. Therefore correct line is that Nokia X has at least the same level of carrier billing as Ovi Store had.

Again could be deliberate lie or sheer incompetence, readers may decide.

THIRD MISS (I just have to)

Tomi never even answered that question. Understandable consequence if one focuses too much on bashing Nokia/Elop.