I’m writing this with assumption that whoever reads this may be reading this blog for the first time.

So first of all: this blog has existed, exists and will exist to list fake numbers and false claims of Tomi Ahonen (who according to himself is a bestselling author whose twelve books on mobile have already been referenced in over 100 books by his peers, speaking regularly at conferences doing about 20 public speakerships annually).

That is why this blog exists. Nothing more, nothing less. The idea came originally from a commenter with nickname “CN” from blog of Tomi Ahonen. (He has been banned there since.) The comment form CN was later deleted but in short it proposed that someone should make a public blog where all the intentional misinformation spread by Mr. Ahonen would be listed.

On my behalf it was A-Studio interview by YLE (Finnish broadcasting company) that triggered me to create such a blog. This has been explained in the “about” page of this blog.

Why this long story? Well it’s because I quit.

Yes, there is a need for a blog like this and I’m not going to take this off from the Web, I just don’t produce new content to here. For a multitude of reasons.

One reason is that we’ve come to point of saturation. During the last two years and few months I’ve covered practically every bigger recurring fallacy from Mr. Ahonen so there is very little to add. I already once dropped the blog saying the same but the news that Mr. Ahonen was writing a book about Nokia made me add some missing stuff, including the Nokia History.

Then there is the fact that consultant Ahonen has in increasing amount been trying to lose his credibility. When YLE live interviewed him in June 2012, he was supposed to be “expert on Nokia”. However at the point where he made a statement that the Scalado purchase was a slap to the face of Carl Zeiss, he already showed he was not on map at all: Carl Zeiss makes camera optics, but Scalado develops image processing SW. There was no conflict in 2012 as Scalado’s technology had been licensed by Symbian already back in 2008. I have to guess YLE learned their lesson from the live interview: when they interviewed Mr. Ahonen the last time the setup was so unfavorable towards him that I can only see it as a successful attempt to undermine the small bit of credibility he had left. And this was long after Talouselämä (Finnish financial magazine) mocked Tomi for his failed forecast on how soon Nokia will be sold (in the very same YLE interview that triggered me to do this blog).

Last reason is my current employment in Nokia. There is conflict of interest and besides this blog violates the guideline of online behavior of Nokia employees. I have been doing this with conscious risk of losing my job as a result.

So I’ll drop this hobby and probably enjoy my life a bit more. (Better times in Nokia right now; profitable quarter once again.) Thanks to all the people I got to know during these years. Having people that valued my work was a terrific motivational boost.

Yours sincerely,
Anonymous Ex-Nokian

P.S. Allow a chance for random postings in the future. If I happen to run into a real gem I may spare some time on it.