Oh my. This is awkward. Let’s start with a caption:

The blog which created the term ‘Jesusphone’ (something that was assigned to me, even though I never used that word on the blog).

–Tomi Ahonen, September 22, 2014 [1]

Then we can check if this just a one-time typo or something (it’s not, he has had the story ongoing sine year 2011 at least):

And yes, my blog is the root of the term ‘jesusphone’ – even though I personally never used that term

–Tomi Ahonen, August 03, 2011 [2]

…and then let’s go to the usual fact checking: The post Tomi refers to was dated May 2007 [3] whereas the ‘Jesus Phone’ term was already in use by then as it originates from December 2006! The origins of the term were explained by Gizmodo in June 2007 (a month after Tomi’s blog post so one would assume he’d know it by now) and the source is – yes – Gizmodo and the date is December 26th 2006 [5].

I have yet to figure out why does anyone believe a single word this guy says?


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