So once again some priceless stuff coming from Tomi Ahonen, the mobile analyst:

In that blog i also pointed out that the iPhone, being so deficient as a featurephone would propel the sales success of a close rival, the LG Chocolate/LG Prada, haha (I totally forgot about that forecast). I was proven right. In the first year the Chocolate easily outsold the iPhone globally. Both were touch-screen featurephones (the Chocolate design was released before the iPhone so LG could have sued Apple for stealing their design but back in those calm years, nobody was suing everybody).

–Tomi Ahonen, September 22, 2014 [1]

That was lot of stupid there. Like I have said before Tomi either has to be incredibly incompetent in mobile or incredible liar to produce stuff like this. Where should I start?

Should we start with the fact that the whole comparison is pointless as for its first 12 month period iPhone was sold only in United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France? Actually – no. Because even with THAT disadvantage this is all just a fabrication.

Perhaps we should start with LG Chocolate. It’s not one phone but several consecutive models. The chain of these three is worth mentioning: VX-8500, VX8550 and Chocolate 3. The first one of them – VX-8500 – hardly was “propelled to success by iPhone” as it was launched in 2005 and ended in 2007. All this took place before iPhone was even launched.
The third model was launched AFTER iPhone has been for sales for the first year (i.e July 2008) so it was not sold side-by-side with the original iPhone either.
The second phone in the series was launched at the same time as iPhone and sold for the first year alongside iPhone but none of these three really count as an iPhone competitor, far less do they cause need to “sue Apple for stealing their design“. All three are slide-out keyboard phones without touch screen:

"Charcolatesmall" by Headwes (talk) (Uploads) - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikipedia

“Charcolatesmall” by Headwes (talk) (Uploads) – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikipedia


By Lex (Lex) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Lex (Lex) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

No, Chocolate design at the time of iPhone launch had nothing to do with iPhone design.
(Reality 1 – Tomi Ahonen 0)

It is worth to notice that the Chocolate series HAD iPhone clones. They were introduced long after iPhone launch, like LG Chocolate BL-40 and LG Chocolate V8575 touch which were both launched in 2009. (LG Chocolate BL-20 did not have touch screen and was also launched in 2009.) And then there were plethora of other Chocolate models launched prior to iPhone, such as KV5900, KG800, KE800, U830 and TG800 – but all were non-touch phones with keyboards.

Let’s move to LG Prada. I have no clue why Tomi acts as if Prada and Chocolate were the same phone as they were not – Prada is totally separate phone model added to the mix:
Now Prada really has similarities to the iPhone what comes to design but what comes to this silliness:
It is total fabrication. iPhone during its first 4 quarters sold 6.1 million units and in first 18 months iPhone had sold cumulatively 17.3 million. Whereas LG Prada managed to sell just 1 million units
…in first 18 months. [2]
No, LG Prada did not outsell iPhone.
(Reality 2 – Tomi Ahonen 0)

The only place where Tomi almost makes sense is that the non-touch VX-8500 LG Chocolate had sold 10 million units within 18 months time period before iPhone launched [3] (theoretically could have outperformed iPhone by sales of ~6.7 million against 6.1 million) but how is that relevant? It did not gain any sales from iPhone success as it was non-touch keyboard phone, nor did it have any design reason to sue Apple as Tomi says. This is like saying that some bicycle model outsold T-Ford in the first year of T-Ford manufacturing (probably true and makes as little sense).
Tomi is apparently mixing these two together just to have “proof” for his failed forecast.
(Reality 3 – Tomi Ahonen 0)

I still haven’t figured out why anyone would believe a single word this guy says.