In July 2014 Tomi Ahonen (mobile analyst) gave us some numbers on enterprise. Just to avoid being blamed for putting words to his mouth, here’s verbatim:

In reality Apple’s market share in the enterprise sector is single digits. That market is still strongly Blackberry – almost all new Blackberry sales now go to replensh enteprise customers almost all who are looking for some alternative.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 31, 2014 [1]

And after the launch of iPhone 6 we had another enterprise view from Tomi. It’s here unmodified:

Imagine if Apple released an iPhone 6T the same iPhone 6 model with all the specs of the base iPhone 6 but make it 5mm thicker and hide the slider physical keyboard under the screen. It would be celebrated as the ultimate iPhone, the miracle phone with both a keyboard and touch screen. It could be priced at 800 dollars and it would sell out. But the profit Apple could make on that model is FAR greater than the added cost of the hardware. That phone would kill Blackberry overnight. That iPhone 6T would be Apple’s leap into the enterprise market.

–Tomi Ahonen, September 25, 2014 [2]

Now please not the time scale here:
Both comments from Tomi are made during third quarter of 2014.
Both comments are made before any sales numbers of iPhone 6 are available.
Both comments describe the Apple situation with iPhone 5S/5C offering.

Apple had single digits in enterprise market and could grow it by launching a QWERTY keyboard iPhone – check. Let’s now see how Apple improved with iPhone 6 while not launching the QWERTY keyboard model, shall we? The most optimal time would be fourth quarter of 2014 – the very next quarter after Tomi’s comments – where iPhone 6 was sold for full quarter for the first time. For that purpose we have Good Mobility Index Report for Q4 year 2014 [3] which mentions iPhone 6 as a best selling device in that quarter and also has smartphone operating system split of new activations as follows:
73% iOS
25% Android
1% Windows Phone
1% BlackBerry and other OS’s combined

Can you imagine it?!?
In just ONE QUARTER of sales Apple GREW from single digits to 73%, eating up all but one percent of the BlackBerry market share while not even launching the QWERTY-slider iPhone 6T!
Yes, Apple killed Blackberry overnight (like Tomi said) and leaped into the enterprise market (like Tomi said) but without even launching the QWERTY keyboard phone! Apple is so awesome!

For new readers: In reality this all starts from pure fabrication of numbers. I have already written about it before. (visit link)
Although it didn’t make the list, it may explain why I created the list of “top ten reasons why I say Tomi Ahonen should not be trusted“.