Just a quick post.
In 2014 it took all the way to June 4th until Tomi Ahonen posted his quarterly averaged numbers of smartphone market on calendar Q1. That is two months and four days after previous quarter ended and about one month later than he usually does.
Reason was that Tomi was waiting for Gartner to release their numbers and Gartner had stopped doing those (well, at least they did not do those every quarter anymore).

Today it’s been two months and two days since Q4 2015 ended and Tomi hasn’t been posting his numbers so far (but he has posted several posts about U.S. election). Only reason for this so far has been his month-old “I am still awaiting the details for the last brands so we can do the full Top 10.“.

Two days more and it’s a new record.

(This post has been made for no specific purpose.)