Let me start by saying that the performance of Stephen Elop as a CEO of Nokia was poor at best and he deserves all the bashing he can get.
Then I’ll renew my stand that there is no need to make stuff up if you want to bash Elop.
Why so?
Well, Tomi Ahonen is on the run again. Today I want to check if this blog works like it would if it was the database it should be by now. So I’m covering Tomi’s new blog post by just pointing back to old posts of mine. Here goes:

Stephen Elop personally caused the fastest collapse of any Fortune 500 sized global giant leading its own industry of ANY INDUSTRY that has ever been.

No, he did not cause it. Accelerated, sure. (visit link)

Elop was literally worse than New Coke or worse than Exxon Valdez or worse than Toyota Brakes.

Perhaps so, but should we compare it to something else that was worse than Toyota brakes? This is from you Tomi, about events preceding “Elop Effect”:

This level of Nokia market share loss is pretty much unprecedented. I have been a close follower of global business for over thirty years, I honestly do not remember any such instance in any industry where any major global brand lost a quarter of its total customer base in a period of only six months. Even airlines with air crashes or devastating strikes do not suffer this badly. Cars with ‘unintended acceleration’ (ie ‘killer cars’) like Audi experiences in 1995 did not destroy a quarter of their customer base globally in six months.

Yeah it is true Elop was a failure but at least compare him to the next worst event available. (visit link)

This moron Stephen Elop you just hired – as your STRATEGY boss – is so clueless, he ran the Osborne Effect TWICE on Nokia. First for the switch from Symbian to Windows Phone ie his Lumia phones; then again when he announced the ‘new Lumia’ onto Windows 8, which would not be compatible with his current and shortly-to-be-sold Lumia phones that ran with Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8.

Actually you have to choose – if he did Osborne effect on the Windows Phone 7 -> 8 transition, then also Kallasvuo did the same under his tenure. You can’t have just one. (visit link)

So Elop was refusing to sell the hottest Nokia phone ever, the N9 with MeeGo, in most countries including your country of birth, Andy, in Britain – where the N9 won the D&AD industry award for best design (considered the Oscars of design as the ultimate design award globally).

Okay… But the design was copied to Lumia line which ALSO won design awards so once again you have to choose. Either the design awards matter and bot N9 and Lumia had the same advantage… Or then design awards don’t matter at all.

That phone, the N9 was regularly considered as good as, or better than the iPhone and its operating system, MeeGo was the only one on the planet considered as good as – or by some better – than the iOS on the iPhone. The OS was miles better than Symbian and far far FAR better than that dog called Windows Phone that Elop preferred.

N9 was not “regularly considered” as good as, or better than the iPhone.
N9 was not rated better than Lumia 800.
And neither was the MeeGo OS ever the reason for rating.
(visit link)

Oh, and you in Australia didn’t get to buy the N9 but your cousins across the sea, in New Zealand did. Again, because idiot Elop somehow felt that Australia was too big a market to bother to sell the N9 even though Australian reviewers LOVED the phone.

Huh? Yes N9 was sold in Australia. And thirty-six other countries including likes of Russia, Brazil and Italy. (visit link)

Even though Nokia was developing FIVE handsets for MeeGo and the OS was winning praise the world over.

Five? Try three. Of which N950 was cancelled already in 2010 because it was seen as outdated. (visit link)

Your boy Stephen Elop had his ‘strategy’ genius idea to abandon naming and lettering on Nokia phones and go to a confusing numbering scheme instead which had no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

Well, let’s for the sake of argument assume Elop did that decision by himself and Nokia product design, branding team or marketing had nothing to do with it… Doesn’t he also get the credit for Asha/Lumia namings? (visit link)

Nokia’s Interbrand ranking fell from 8th to 57th.

After they had already dropped it from 5th to 8th. And Brandz ranking fell from 13th to 43rd…
…but that was before Elop was even a CEO. Does it surprise that Interbrand followed suit? (visit link)

Nokia’s credit rating fell from AA+ to Junk by all three credit rating agencies.

Not this again. (visit link)