I have been (re)reading the book “Operaatio Elop”.
I thought about making some sort of summary about the book but I came to realize that there is no need for that as the book in many cases just confirms the info we already have.

In fact there is just one point that made me write this (overly short) blog post:
After selling Nokia’s phone business to Microsoft Elop got 18,8 million euros worth of salary, compensations and bonuses. That broke into media as “incentive” that drove Elop to first deliberately crash the Nokia phone business and the sell Nokia to Microsoft. This – because there was a clause that the bonuses are paid full if Elop is removed from CEO position because Nokia is sold. (As explained in book page 304.)

For this “Microsoft Mole” story the authors Pekka Nykänen and Merina Salminen singlehandedly say is nonsense. They interviewed over a hundred people and I quote: “Our interviews did not give a single one – and we want to emphasize that not even one – indication that this [Elop being sent to Nokia to sell it to Microsoft] could have even been possible.” (book page 316.)

Let’s see if I could make another blog post about the book but this time take a bit different approach. 😉