I don’t usually comment on the political forecasts of Tomi Ahonen. That is because in that field he handles his mistakes (including failed forecasts) in a very adult manner. Try here for recent presidental election: (visit link). And here for the previous time (visit link).
So it came to my mind: what if Tomi would do the same for all the past failed forecasts, twisted facts and flat out lies he has made in mobile?

I decided to create a ready-to-use draft post of it for him:

Tomi Ahonen imaginary public apology post:

Hello, This is Tomi Ahonen, welcome to my blog. I have been leading my readers astray for years and I apologize. I am sorry that I haven’t admitted being wrong on my forecast(s) that did not turn out. I have been totally wrong. Wrong to a huge degree. I also have made deliberate factual errors and invented numbers to support my story. Herefore I wish to correct some misinformation I have delivered in the past. This is the list you should use from now on instead of any contradicting statements from me in the past:

There my readers, that should cover it. I – Tomi Ahonen – have now apologized for all the lies I’ve produced during last few years. Time for new blog posts. And remember – if you think I said something in the past, first come to here to check if it was true, haha.

Closing words from ExNokian:

Should we expect to see this kind of a post from Tomi?
Well of course!
(Let’s not hold our breath.)