The most recent (blog-post-long) comment from Tomi Ahonen left me speecheless. He spent quite an astonishing amount of time explaining how BlackBerry (then RIM) killed itself with their unfortunate tablet project and while their collapse was identical with Nokia
…the reasons behind it have (in his view) nothing in common. More specifically:

If any one smartphone was ‘immune’ to the iPhone and its threats, it was the Blackberry. If there ever was a smartphone that could have turned a service into a loyalty factor (again, think Whatsapp) that was BBM and Blackberry.

And instead of focusing on where they were WINNING, they decided to take on Apple and try their hand at selling a tablet.

Nokia decided to commit hara-kiri out of an idiot CEO. Apple and Samsung were reaping huge rewards for being in the right place at the right time (with phones of the right price range to take Nokia’s top-end customers) and Blackberry had nothing and did nothing for that opportunity (as I warned, it did not get the best opportunities from the Nokia collapse, they went to Samsung).

Blackberry’s fall from 2010 to 2014 is the fastest-ever fall by a number 2 company of ANY giant global industry in history. Not just faster collapse than Motorola and Palm (and Windows smartphone OS) but faster than yes any number 2 of any industry ever, like PCs, TVs, cars, airlines, etc. FASTEST FALL OF A NUMBER 2 in HISTORY. of ANY industry. Ever. Except for one company that has fallen even faster, but not from number 2. Nokia’s fall about simultaneously to Blackberry was even worse, and they fell from number 1. But at least Blackberry didn’t work ACTIVELY to make themselves collapse (we found out later, that Nokia CEO had a bonus incentive that made him do all that suicidal stuff).

–Tomi Ahonen, December 19, 2016 [1]

Ah,iPhone had nothing to do with the demise of BlackBerry and Nokia self-destructed. My bad for letting the facts limit my faith.
I think we – like Tomi – should now ignore some facts: