Both the Nokia E7 in 2011 and now the Blackberry Priv in 2015 were the most expensive smartphone sold in the market when new. More expensive than top iPhones (and haha, yeah, I had to have them both, I’m a QWERTY guy).

–Tomi Ahonen, December 30, 2016 [1]

I call for bluff here.

Nokia E7 announcement was accompanied with pricing info of 495€. [2] The contemporary iPhone would be iPhone 4. It was priced between 565€ and 749€, depending on the memory size and the country of europe you were in. [3]

When Blackberry Priv was finally available in November 6th 2015 the price was US $750 unsubsidized. [4] iPhone of the time (iPhone 6S) started from $650, yes. On the other hand: iPhone 6S Plus prices started from $750 – the same that Priv costs, but the “top iPhone” Tomi calls for is iPhone 6S Plus 128GB that cost hefty $950 [5] which makes the “More expensive than top iPhones” nothing but a fabrication.

(And “haha, yeah” I have no clue why anyone would believe anything AT ALL coming out from the mouth of that guy.)