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Okay… HMD Global announced their first Nokia-branded Android phone. [1] They also promised there will be more announcements coming during the first half of the year [2] so I plan to cover the forecasts of Tomi Ahonen later when we have more data on the portfolio (let’s get back to this after Mobile World Congress). But this initial thought I had to bring up: What if Stephen Elop had announced a Lumia phone identical to the Nokia 6? Would it have been a good product by Tomi Ahonen?

Nokia 6

So let’s start with the fact that this is not “Nokia N6”, “Nokia Lumia 6” or “Nokia Asha 6”. This is Nokia 6. Just plain 6.

Elop has also been regularly reversing some of his silly early decisions such as the naming decision (no more names for Nokia phones and units, rather all phones would only be numbers). This was ridiculed by the marketing professionals and within a few months, Nokia went back to names

–Tomi Ahonen, August 26, 2013 [3]

Stephen Elop had his ‘strategy’ genius idea to abandon naming and lettering on Nokia phones and go to a confusing numbering scheme instead which had no rhyme or reason whatsoever. It was going not just against worldwide marketing trends – it was EXPLICITLY against the MARKETING STRATEGY guy’s plan who came from Coca Cola.

–Tomi Ahonen, March 16, 2016 [4]

Heck, we don’t need to go to Elop-era, here’s Tomi complaining about the single-digit numbering system before February 11th, 2011!

Then we have the weird numbering system. If the numbering can help customers, fine. If it can help branding, fine. If the ‘naming’ of phones takes precedence over the design of the phones – that is moronic. That is the tail wagging the dog. And that is what is now happening at Nokia. This is probably related to the crazy culling of the product porfolio. What do I mean. If there is ‘only’ an N8 and an N7 and an N9, there are 3 products in that ‘high price’ bracket of ‘big numbers’ in the N-Series (vs say a Nokia N4 or N6). Now, when there was an N82 and N86 and N90 and N93 etc, there was the mathematical possibility to do thirty models in the same range, from N80 to N99.

The thinking that there is ‘room’ in the ‘numbering’ for ‘only one’ product in a given range is utterly wrong. But it once again illustrates how ultimately simple things about the basics of marketing are not understood at Nokia HQ. Segmentation. BMW doesn’t force us to buy a ‘BMW 3’. They will give us a 323 and 325 and 328 and

Tomi Ahonen, January 31, 2011 [11]

Well enough of the namings. Let’s then address the fact that the phone is exclusively sold via jd.com website, not anywhere else. [5]

The Financial Times is now reporting that Nokia is now pursuing a new strategy with its operator/carrier partners – to try to do exclusive deals. This is what Apple had once, when it launched the iPhone and very soon abandoned.

Even Apple says for its needs, its the wrong strategy – why – because it won’t give Apple the scale it needs.
Nokia needs FAR FAR – FAR – more scale than Apple! Nokia is a mass market company!
I am telling you, my readers, this act of desperation by Elop is the dumbest thing yet

–Tomi Ahonen, July 23, 2012 [6]

‘exclusive’ carrier deals – a strategy so bad, that it killed Palm and Apple, the last company to deploy that strategy only at its launch, ran away from it as fast as it could.

–Tomi Ahonen, September 26, 2013 [7]

But this is only half of it. The website is not from a carrier. There isn’t even ONE carrier involved in this. If Nokia 6 was a Lumia Phone announced by Stephen Elop, this would be presented by Tomi as a clear proof of the Skype-based boycott over Nokia phones by carriers. I’m really waiting to hear what it is now when this is the long-awaited Nokia return?

(This is actually getting hilarious if Tomi starts defending any of these as smart moves from FIH/HMD/Nokia.)

Hey, let’s check a bit of the featureset then? We have MicroSD card of the things Tomi wanted to have. But then again, in Nokia 6 there is no waterproofing, no user replaceable battery, only 16 megapixel camera, no xenon flash, no HDMI out, no Zeiss optics (or PureView camera), no NFC,… Should I?

But what the f*ck? No more waterproof? No more removable battery either? For a global brand that is a leader in that part of the world where electrical supply is not reliable?


But just compared to the two other top phones sold this year by Nokia, the 808 Pureview on Symbian and last year’s N9 on MeeGo, the newest Lumia 920 only matches many aspects and falls short on many more (memory of 64GB, microSD support, camera resolution of 41mp, real Xenon flash, video out).

For a smartphone maker who invests heavily on the camera side – including an exclusive partnership with camera lensmakers Carl Zeiss, this is crazy stuff. In fact Nokia has sold 8mp cameras four years ago on its flagships. HTC has been selling 16mp cameras last year and Nokia introduced the monster-camera at 41mp on its 808 Pureview this year (running Symbian obviously).


Then it gets worse. There is no NFC (and why?)


Oh yes, Nokia 6 falls short on so many aspects comparing to features Tomi has listed as mandatory for success in the past of Nokia (and especially Lumia). I’m waiting to see if he will tell us how Nokia 6 is going to be a hit. 😉


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