After checking on my last year forecast on Tizen, I am now giving my forecast for this year. It is a repeat of last year:

Samsung will be the only brand to ship Tizen phones in 2017 and that will mean 1 or 2 new phone models running Tizen from Samsung during the full calendar year 2017.

Also the same details apply:

  • We may hear announcements of some other brand “planning to use Tizen” but those promises will not materialize in 2017.
  • We may hear Samsung promising more models but one will reach the store shelves in 2017. (Two at best.)
  • We may see developer devices, but they don’t count to my forecast as consumers can’t buy those from a store.
  • Yes we will still see more Tizen TV sets, smart watches, washing machines, etc. but one new smartphone model running Tizen OS – (two at maximum).

Also I see no reason to back up from the other part of my forecast for year 2016:

My stand has been (and will be) that Samsung will kill Tizen for smartphones before Microsoft kills Windows for smartphones.


Let’s check first what we learned in April 2016:
Samsung has made some big announcements at the ongoing Samsung Developer Conference. The company has mentioned that the next major refresh of the Tizen OS, dubbed Tizen 3.0, will formally arrive in September.” [1]

Then to reality: We are living in January 2017 – effectively 4 months after the given date (and in 2 days it will be 5 months):

Watching this smoking trail of wrecked dreams I say we will (again) see one new Tizen phone this year. Two, if Samsung totally surprises us (and if you demand me to pick only one number then I say we will see one model only).
And I don’t see any reason why there would be any other brand boarding the Tizen ship in 2017 either.