I’ll start by quoting myself. Bear with me, this is quite essential for the blog post. Do you remember when I wrote about Turkey not planning to end cash by year 2025 and neither planning to replace it by mobile money?

At no point has the official announcement from Turkey included a complete move to mobile money. Not by 2025, and not by any date in the distant future either. The whole thing is about getting rid of the cash and move all transaction to data flow on computers. That of course could just as well be mobile money, and a lot of it will be mobile money, but mobile has never been the point.
Not ever.
And not even then either.
” [1]

So let’s read most recent blog post from Tomi Ahonen:

several countries are in a race to eliminate cash in our lifetimes – replaced – not by Bitcoins, not b Apple Pay, not by Paypal – but replaced by mobile money. As I wrote on this blog years ago Turkey was the first country to throw its hat into that ring.

–Tomi Ahonen, February 17, 2017 [2]

(In the context, I don’t know if there are any hats in that ring so far.)

Turkey, haha, I was again, literally the first person to write about Turkey’s ambitions to end cash, replaced by mobile money.

–Tomi Ahonen, February 17, 2017 [2]

First one? He has referenced to a tweet [3], which referred to a news clip, which never said cash will be “replaced by mobile” in Turkey!

Considering Tomi provenly reads my blog, it is extremely frustrating to read BS like that after I have already issued a correction on the topic. Could he just keep on insisting that Nokia Money was launched in a dozen countries and using NFC? You know, for consistency?
(Add another level of frustration for Sweden being included in his latest story too.)


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[2] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2017/02/the-facts-based-survey-of-mobile-money-globally-focusing-on-the-reality-and-numbers-ignores-totally-.html

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