Not this overfilled superlative type of crap again:

Pokemon Go is the most successful new venture ever in human history of ANY INDUSTRY of any time, ever. In its first 7 months it reached $1 Billion dollars of sales. Pokemon Go is a 2 Billion dollar company in its first year.

–Tomi Ahonen, February 09, 2017 [1]

Really? Of any industry? I thought that PS3/Xbox 360 game Grand Theft Auto V made that record when it sold 16.5 million units in first three days (equalling $1 billion in sales)? [2] And there are a lot of options to choose from if that was not enough.
But let’s be fair – Grand Theft Auto five is not “new venture”, it is fifth of the series.
On the other hand – Pokemon Go is not entirely “new venture” either: it is not the first mobile game, not the first location-based-service game, not the first Pokemon game, not the first AR… You get the point.
If we start from accepting that it is the first mobile game from Nintendo we have some sort of comparison point. Could we have something even slightly comparable?

Original iPad was a completely new product category for Apple. Priced $499 upwards it needed LESS than 2 million sold units to reach “$1 Billion in sales” after its launch in March 2010 [3]. That happened in less than three months [4]. Yes, iPad turned into multi-billion business in its first year.

How about Apple Watch? It definitely was a new venture for Apple. It made 1.7 Billion in five months [5], definitely over 2 billion in first year.

Apple music perhaps? It was judged to be $2.4 Billion business in its first year [6], making it beat Tomi’s second point well enough even if it did not reach $1 Billion in first 7 months, due to 3-month free trial. 😉

The whole thing is funny in many ways:
Tomi is known for downplaying Apple all the time so I can’t expect him to acknowledge any of the Apple products for comparison.
And that’s not all of it. Tomi has also repeatedly told that there is no money to be made in apps (although he remembers to exclude games every now and then). And he has guided everyone away from location-based-services for years [7], yet Pokemon Go is exactly a location-based-service.

I have no clue why he does this. Pokemon Go is phenomenal – it has gotten people to go out, excercise, be social and much more. And it is a sales success for sure. One could write ten times the text Tomi did without having to go into deliberate factual errors in the process.

Thanks go to nickname “Gonzo” from Tomi’s blog. He has kept this topic afloat so much it needed to be recorded somewhere where Tomi doesn’t delete the correction.