(Okay, 11 days ago this blog was 5 years old.)
Yes, I almost forgot to make the obvious “This blog is X years old” – post. Some of it can be explained by the fact this blog has in part served its purpose: outside reporting latest numbers on mobile, Tomi Ahonen is very little short of absent in his blog. And even when he is writing about mobile statistics, he doesn’t do that with the burning purpose of making a point.

Of course there still are cases where Tomi gets outside the zone where facts, reason and common sense live – more of that in future posts. But as an incentive to keep him out of that path, maybe – as was seen in Twitter last year – it is that Tomi is not feeling as popular as he used to. This is him entering the stage to the front of cheering crowd:

(Want to count the audience there?)

But like I’ve said before, I’m pretty sure Tomi Ahonen (the author, consultant, motivational speaker) did not expect this blog to be here still after five years, but I did. Before I started this I asked myself if I’m willing to keep this up for 2, 3, 5 years or more – and I decided I was willing to do that.