I was reading my old post about Bada growth vs. iPhone growth. Tomi says that Bada was the “fastest-growing new OS ever” and that during its first two years it grew faster than iPhone.
In reality:

But I came to wonder: why did he come up with that? Tomi clearly wants to downplay Apple whenever he can, but why Bada?
I came up with a theory. See, Tomi is notorious of betting on the wrong horse, like Tizen or Bada. I noted this from his old posts, it comes from year 2010 where Tomi was thinking Android has no chance to get even 1% of the total handset market by end of year (went to 7% within that time period).

Samsung will soon sell more touch screen Bada based smartphones than all iPhones sold per year – this is inevitable within about two years, due to Samsung’s far greater distribution and far lower price points and far wider product range.

–Tomi Ahonen, June 11, 2010 [1]

That forecast failed before the end of the year because Samsung bet heavily on Android and Android outgrew Symbian in the process. Considering that Tomi by default is incapable to admit his own mistakes, it kind of makes sense that he needed to invent a story about the marvelous success of Bada.


[1] http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2010/06/the-most-eagerly-awaited-smartphone-the-iphone-4-apple-increasingly-preaching-to-the-choir.html