Like I have said before Tomi Ahonen has serious problems with reality when he starts to “prove himself right”. And that was again the case a few days ago when he stated a ban: no talk allowed in blog that iPhone would not be a copy of LG Prada. None. The iPhone was a copy, period. He unfortunately deleted his comment so I can’t quote it but it’s merely continuing old story so let’s use “the old story”.
Never mind about the previous one, Tomi has now talked about that again so there is a very fresh statement on the topic.

But that ‘iconic’ design of the original iPhone was a blatant copy of a spectacular phone design – from 2006, that won many international industrial design awards in 2006 (also well before the iPhone prototype was even shown by Steve Jobs in public in January 2007) Not invented by Nokia, no. Not even by the clever Japanese. That design form factor of a slim one-button design 3.5 inch touch screen – was invented by LG and they have a chest full of 2006 awards for it.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 14, 2010 [1]

But in smartphones there is not one element that Apple invented, that Nokia has since copied. Not one. What Apple had, is stuff others had invented (like LG’s one-button large screen form factor, or the multi-touch technology, similar to how Apple’s Mac took the mouse from Xerox etc..)

–Tomi Ahonen, June 03, 2011 [2]

The iPhone? Its looks were not invented by Apple they were – ahem – ‘copied’ from the award-winning LG design from 2006 which was launched as the LG Chocolate and LG Prada before the iPhone was sold, in 2007. But winning international design awards in 2006. So much for ‘Apple’ iconic design. Thank LG for the one-button touch-screen slab phones with large touch-screen that we have today from Androids to Lumias.

–Tomi Ahonen, September 22, 2014 [3]

Apple did not invent this form factor. Apple did what they always do – they steal from the best (like the original Macintosh PC, it didn’t invent the mouse – that was invented by Xerox). This is NOT simultaneous invention in parallel. Apple had its own iPod-phone project that was due to release their first phone in 2006 for the Christmas sales market. Steve Jobs was shown a prototype of that phone in the summer – an evolution of the work Apple did with Motorola on their failed Moto Rokr musicphone. The original Apple concept for what became the iPhone – looked like a Motorola or Nokia phone, with buttons and a modest screen. Steve Jobs said no, killed that project, insisted on a total redesign and gave them one year. That total redesign work started in the summer of 2006 and that is when the LG product was already displayed as a radical design out of South Korea. Then Apple inserted the guts of much of the lame tech they had planned for a 2006 phone (2G radio tech, 2mp camera, etc, all already obsolescent for 2007) and added the glorious LG-designed concept for a radical phone FORM FACTOR.

–Tomi Ahonen, July 04, 2017 [4]

First of all we should take into account that the “iconic one-button design” is actually “iconic ten-button design”:

Second we should consider the fact that Apple had decided to chase the all-touch design for their phone as early as 2004. [5]

And then of course there is this news title:

LG releases Prada phones (iPhone clone) next month in Europe
by Tomi Ahonen

–Tomi Ahonen, January 18, 2007 [6]

Yes, the date makes it obvious that LG Prada can not be “iPhone clone” (LG Prada was launched earlier and even if it was not, LG did not make that phone in few weeks) But also we have to acknowledge that iPhone cannot be a Prada clone either (as iPhone was not made in few weeks after Prada launch).

Still the irony of using Tomi to counter-argument Tomi is staggering. 😀

But then again, Tomi also insists that LG Prada outsold the original iPhone.