I wrote some time ago about the Nokia 6 and how it contains multiple of the flaws Tomi listed as the reasons why Lumia was doomed. Few very specific points: Initial launch only in China, offered as exclusive deal in one online store, not through carrier subsidy.

Now The Verge has written an article that says Nokia 6 will be available in U.S. (and I quote):
According to HMD, the Nokia 6 will only offer full support for 4G LTE for T-Mobile customers. AT&T will be partially supported, while Sprint and Verizon CDMA-based networks won’t work at all.
The Nokia 6 will be available exclusively through Amazon sometime in early July in matte black and silver; additional “tempered blue” and copper colors will be offered later in the summer.
” [1]

During the Lumia line Tomi remembered to mock the deal with T-Mobile:

So did Elop get AT&T to launch the Lumia 800 instead? No. We now have T-Mobile, which is the smallest of the four big US carriers (half in size of AT&T) to launch the Lumia line.

–Tomi Ahonen, January 04, 2012 [2]

And especially he remembered to point it out that Verizon was “refusing to sell Lumia” [3] and that Verizon is “the biggest carrier of the USA” [3].

This – if Nokia 6 was a Lumia – would be total red flag:

  1. Not available via a carrier store.
  2. Exclusive to one online store.
  3. Not available for Verizon network.
  4. Only partial support for AT&T.

This would be “absolute proof of the carrier-originated boycott due to Skype“, if Nokia 6 was a Lumia phone under Elop lead.

I’m eager to see how this turns out. So far Tomi has not seen any problem in the Lumia 6 launch, nor in the features. Instead Tomi ranked the Nokia/HMD phones as “Total Bullseye” that “Will Bring Nokia Brand Back into the Top 10 in Less than 2 Years” [4].


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