In case you somehow have missed it, Tomi Ahonen has in several occasions implied he will write a book about Nokia and Stephen Elop. Earliest I can find is from November 2013 [1], but I know he played with the thought long before that because I wrote my “Nokia history” blog posts, chapters 1, 2 and 3, as a reaction to him doings those promises. (I wrote first of the posts in September 2013.)

Tomi liked to visit the topic, so he was promising the book again in January 2014 [2], this time promising free eBook too:

And again in December 2014 [3]:

And here we are. June 2017, no book. What gives?

My guess is that the book “Operaatio Elop” pretty much nullified anything Tomi would have written into his book. The authors of Operaatio Elop interviewed over a hundred ex-Nokia employees from grass-root level to top management and two very important points:

  1. Not a single one saying Stephen Elop was a Microsoft mole planted to Nokia. Not even one.
  2. Not a single mention of Carrier-originated boycott because of Skype. According to Tomi Ahonen it was the reason why Nokia failed with Windows Phone/Lumia. The main reason why there was no way Microsoft/Nokia could succeed. Leading reason for the Nokia demise and yet…
    out of over a hundred people nobody remembers to mention it.

If Tomi would now write a book about it using his rewritten version of history, Tomi would only make a fool out of himself. And I mean even more a fool than he already has managed to make one out of himself.

Over four years since Tomi started to talk about the book and nothing has come out. I think it is safe to say that the book is dead.